A cloth merchant had a Elephant. He would place bundles of clothes on the Elephant’s back and trade one by one. The Elephant did not like doing that at all. She was anxious to get out of there anyway and live freely. No matter how well the owner looked, it would have been unsatisfactory.

One day a thief broke into a merchant’s house. The merchant was fast asleep at the time. The thief broke into the house and proceeded to load the bundles of grain one by one into the cart parked behind the house.

The Elephant sniffed at the commotion. The idea of alerting the owner did not come to it. Silently stared. As the thief was carrying the last bag. “Sir, untie my knots with the same hand,” she asked.

“Why?” The thief asked.

“I do not want to live here.”

“And what do I gain if you untie me?” The thief asked.

“Take me with you if you want, I will serve you for the rest of my life,” she said.

The thief nodded thinking slightly for a moment at its words. ” Yes… I’m not a thief. You should already understand the matter. And why not wake your boss?

“I hate my boss. What if he loses his property? Look… I’m not hindered from your work if you steal. And thankfully it is your duty to do what I say,” said the Elephant.

The thief nodded at the Elephant’s words, “Are you talking about gratitude? Are they in you? You have no grudge against your employer who cares for you. It’s better to go or not… “The thief slipped silently from there.

The Elephant stood in silence, lamenting the lack of righteousness in a thief.

Wise Deer :

Formerly there was a dense forest on the banks of the Brahmaputra river. It was home to a variety of insects and animals that lived comfortably. There was also a large elephant in the forest called Nallamala. It was as if a small hill was walking by as it moved. The small animals trembled with fear at the sight of its huge body and energy. Its long teeth touched it, and most of the small animals that fell under its feet perished. Some left the forest and migrated elsewhere. The deers in the forest were starving for food due to the lack of small animals. Died one by one. One day all the deers gathered for fear of extinction.

If this elephant dies, we will have no shortage of food for a few months. Fugitive animals will also return if it is known to be dead. We can get food from our stomachs” said a lame deer.” I will kill you. “A child awoke and heard all its words. I do not know. Killing it is not for us. What do you do? Another deer said, “Go and play.” The deer’s got angry when they heard their words. Show me my talent if you give me a chance, ” said the deer. The old deer which heard those words said ” Okay! Let’s see! But!”

Early the next morning the deer went to Gajaraju. She bowed and said, “Victory to the Maharaja! Victory!” Everyone calls me an intellectual. The beast lion is old and rooted somewhere. You have all the qualities of a Maharaja, so Maharaja! Called. The beasts sent me to bring you into this forest to make you king. Get out, ” said the deer.

The elephant was overjoyed. “How far do we have to go?” She asked proudly. “Close. Come with me Swami!” The cunning deer walked forward towards a quicksand. Behind it, elephant walked with royalty. Who was stepping over the dreams with joy as soon as he became king, suddenly landed in a hurry. Came to her senses and shouted “Save! Save!”

“Lord! You are the result of believing in me, the cunning one. Now there is no point in repenting,” said the deer. The elephant was completely submerged in the quicksand as soon as the animals reached there. All admired the deer cub intelligence.

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