Two priests in that city. One is Thomas, the other Smith. Seven are doing apprenticeships with Thomas and another seven with Smith.

The same is true of teachers, but their disciples have unlimited faith in their intelligence. As well as endless distrust of the intelligence of the disciples on the other side.

One day two teachers called their disciples and ordered them to come and fix a work in Mumbai. The fourteen teams headed to Guruvayur and proceeded to Pune railway station in two teams.

The disciples had a great idea. There are no teachers. On the other hand, they are still in their presence. This trip was thought to be the right moment to find out whose intellects were the greatest on both sides.

The Smith team bought seven tickets for all seven of them. The blissful disciples, however, did not buy seven but bought one ticket for all together. Meanwhile, TC arrived. While the Smith group was enjoying the throng of Thomas’s disciples, the seven Thomas disciples abruptly walked away from the toilet in the train bogie. TC knocked on the toilet door. The door opened ajar and an arm came out. There is a ticket in it. TC was satisfied and left. The disciples were overjoyed to see it. The trick made by the blissful disciples made sense.

Well, both the teams have reached Mumbai. The tasks assigned by the teachers were tidy. On the return journey they could not find tickets on the direct train from Mumbai. He wanted to take a train to Lonavala and from there take a local train to Pune.

On the way back, Smith’s disciples planned to play the opposite party with the trick of ‘the single ticket’. This time they bought a single ticket instead of seven and boarded the Lonavala train. The blissful disciples did not buy a single ticket.

After noticing TC’s arrival, the two teams went to the Cherokee toilet. One of the blissful disciples came out of the toilet and knocked on the front toilet door like a TC. Delighted that it was TCA who knocked, the happy disciples opened the door with the only ticket they had. The blissful disciple who was waiting for it suddenly took the ticket and went to their toilet. Again using the old trick, he escaped from the TC. The happy disciples who lost the only ticket they bought were found by TC and paid a large fine. However, on the whole they reached Lonavala all week and boarded a local going to Pune.

Smith’s disciples wanted to perform a single ticket trick again and take the lead over the opposing team at least once.

Thomas’s disciples wisely bought seven tickets and boarded the local train. TC, who is supposed to be accountable in this story, came as usual. The blissful disciples showed the tickets they had bought. The happy disciples, counting the train with a single ticket, searched for the toilet to hide TC from being seen. But when they could not find it, they chose it and found it for TC. Anxious to defeat the other side, they forgot that there would be toilets on local trains.

That is to say, morality means that adaptation may be good, but it requires a great deal of thought. Only then will it excel.


Jeff and Kevin’s brothers have been meeting for some years. After that the quarrels came and broke up. He also stopped talking.

One day someone knocked on the door of Jeff’s house. A carpenter on the opposite side. “Hey..I’ve come a long way. If anything, let me, know.” Asked the carpenter.

Jeff thought for a while and said, Look at that.. does that canal look like that! It was dug by my younger brother. Kevin does not want me to come that way. I have to say if it is so masculine as usual. So I do not know what you will do. I do not know. Build a high fence around my house quickly said Jeff.

As well as carpentry. Jeff immediately brought all the timber required for the construction of the fence.

Give me a lamp and you can sleep peacefully. I will finish my work by tomorrow said the carpenter.

Turned white. Jeff woke up happy that he did not want to see his younger brother’s face again. There is no fence around the house if you open your eyes. Instead, the carpenter built a bridge over the canal. Reassurance’s thoughts changed as soon as he saw the bridge.

May my elder brother be less angry with me? He built a bridge to get over it ‘thought Kevin.

‘Brother seems to want to see me,’ thought Jeff. The two met. Then the carpenter came to them.

‘I’m sorry. As you said if you build a fence around the house the differences between you will only increase. They are the ones who will break you up forever if I do. That sin is mine. That is why I built the bridge. There is nothing to be sorry about. We are told that what we do should not hurt others. We have to thank you for that. Jeff and Kevin sent a gift to the carpenter.

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