There was a scholar named George in a village. He lived by telling epic prophecies to the people. He is the one who is forgiven by everyone as a righteous rich man and a devout man. George also showed all his devotion to God. With constant remembrance of the name of God, he seemed to be worshiping himself. Not much talk to anyone. He tells God whether he is in trouble or in happiness. The whole village lived as if it were a one-way street.

One morning church father George came to the house and knocked on the door. George, who was silent that day, opened the door and saw what had happened. “Swami, the weather was not good. The torrential downpour was coming. George did not even move as he was annoyed by those words. He pointed to a map of God on the wall and gestured, “There is a God for all. There is no fear.” It makes no sense to Karan, “he went on to warn the others.

Shortly after he left, it began to rain with gusts of wind. It turned into an avalanche while watching. Ponds and ditches were overflowing. The tribesmen tied up the oxen and left the village in groups. A cart stopped in front of George’s house – “George Swami! It is raining heavily. The pond is about to collapse. George, who was engaged in worship, looked at the map of God once without answering and returned to worship. The people on cart shouted for George for a while and moved away as the floodwaters rose.

The whole house becomes empty. The water rushed into the ditch and flooded the houses. Water also entered George’s house and gradually grew. He took the map of God and went to the second floor, where he stood and meditated. A boat goes in front of George’s house. They saw George and shouted, “Swami! Come and take us in the boat.” George, who had immense faith in God, still did not pay. He showed them the map of God in his hand and gestured, “Why am I not afraid?” They are unable to understand what George as saying that time. The boat was gone. The floodwaters receded. The town was submerged. Water seeped into the second floor as well, trapping George. He died of suffocation after being washed away in floodwaters.

Thus the dead George was captured by the angels and introduced into the house of the Lord. George realized that he was dead. There was intense grief as well as intense anger at God. Directly asked him, “God! Do you believe in direction? Did you glorify him as a persecutor? But what did you do? He said sternly.

God was astonished to hear George’s words. “What is it? How did you die? Did I give you three chances to save you?” He asked. George innocently, what are the three possibilities? “God realized everything that had happened with his divine vision and became angry with George. I have given you three chances to protect you with the love of my devotee. I sent Karan once. I sent cart a second time. I sent the boat for the third time. However, you do not realize it. God is the one who wears the crown, holds the cones and rides the horse. You must realize that every opportunity to save you is divine. “George nodded shyly.


Emperor Shibi used to help those in danger. Whoever asks will donate. One day a dove came and leaned near him. Besought to protect himself from the enemy. “Okay” he promised. Meanwhile an eagle came and angrily asked, “This pigeon is my food. I came after it. This is mine, give it to me.” “King of birds! I have promised to save this bird king. Ask for anything other than a dove,” said Emperor Shibi . The eagle asked, “Everyone praises you as a false king. But let your thigh flesh weigh like a dove.”

Shibichakravarti weighed and placed the pigeon on a plate on one side and cut his thigh meat on the plate on the other side. No matter how much meat is cut, it does not equate to a pigeon. Eventually he sat down on the scales. Instead of a pigeon, he begged the eagle to eat his whole body. Immediately the eagle became Indra and the dove became the fire god.

Shibichakravarti was shocked to see both of them. Indra, the god of fire, said, “Emperor Shibichakra! We have come to test you. You have won this test. We have heard ten people say that you have the quality of charity and kindness, but today we are happy to see ourselves. Blessed and gone.

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