Diwali competition

Apparently, a town had a king. Of all the kingdoms around him, his kingdom was the most desirable. As Diwali approaches one year, the king has an idea. Above all kingdoms, he announced a competition to make the festival in its kingdom look better. The announcement spread throughout the kingdom that the king himself would reward those who put the best lamps in the kingdom.

All the people in the kingdom also participated enthusiastically in the competition. One by one the house was decorated with lamps. On the evening of Diwali, the king traveled the kingdom with his attendants. King was very happy to see the amazing houses.

A house on the edge of the village seemed dark. The king looked at the house and said, “Who is in that house? Why didn’t they decorate the house? ” He stepped towards the house.

Going closer to the house, a small lamp is lit on the road outside the house. In the light of that lamp, a pit appeared in the road. A grandmother sits on the porch and pours oil on the lamp before it goes out. The king saw this, asked, old lady, what are you doing here? Why aren’t the lights on in your house? Asked. I have money to light only one lamp a day. Pedestrians traveling on the road will fall into the pit if it is not visible. That is why I will come one day and put a lamp here instead of putting a lamp in my house.

The king who answered was very surprised. He announced that if everyone in the village decorated their houses with lamps, the grandmother would light a lamp to show the way to the passers-by and that she would be the one who lit the best lamps in the kingdom. On the orders of the prince, workers came and repaired the trench on the road.

Cleaver Aunt :

In one village there were young men named Hugo and Steffan. Hugo used to get up early in the morning and go to the farm to perform rituals. Steffan is the only one who wakes up late and goes to the farm to make time. No matter what Hugo says, Steffan wakes up in the morning. Uncle stays at home as they do not have parents. Uncle’s wife Rama is very intelligent. One day she told her husband about Steffan. Steffan wants to get rid of drowsiness. Your help is needed. OK, uncle.

I get up in the morning and go to Woo. I Will be back in the evening. Rama went on to tell everyone to look after the house carefully. Hugo and their uncle went to work in the morning. My uncle’s wife also went with them. Steffan got up late as per his habit and went to the farm. Were there burglars in the house when they came from the farm? Or are you a thief? Steffan shouted. Uncle Steffan is not like that as he insists that you are there when everything is gone. Steffan is not as good as a thief. Said.

Steffan did not sleep well that night. But he got up before everyone else and got ready to go to the farm to make time. With that, Rama was happy that he had reached his height. Then a few days later I said unspeakable words to Steffan to wake you up in the morning. Babu said I did it just to get rid of your drowsiness.

Due to the efforts of Hugo, Steffan, and his uncles, the crops got better. After a while, the two of them got on well. Seeing the good relations, the uncle married them and kept them with him. Everybody is living happily together and earning a lot of fame in the field every year.

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