Mother Teresa

It’s six o’clock in the morning. Peter has not slept yet. “Hey, Peter! Wake up! Today is your birthday, have you forgotten”? Sunita came into the room. Peter, who was fast asleep, woke up with his mother’s call. Seeing that, Sunita wished “Happy Birthday.” Did you go and take a bath first? Your daddy is waiting in the hall.”

Peter’s father was a big businessman in Raghava town. Peter is their only son. He is a sixth-grader in the village school. The rich child grew up with discipline. Masters are very fond of Peter. First in studies and games. Befriends fellow children. Support poor children in need. Peter took a bath and came with the blessings of his parents. Raghava handed Peter the hundred rupee note and said “Buy your favorite item” and left.

Peter kept the note in his pocket and went to work. Uma teacher in class is teaching “Mother Teresa” lesson. It describes the service programs performed by the mother. All the children are listening with interest. Then Peter gets up and says ‘Mother Theresa’ who is the teacher? He asked. “She came to our country from abroad in a quest to help her people. She has set up hospitals, nurseries, and rehabilitation centers for many sick, orphans, and elderly. Nichi showed respect. She showed the photo of the mother hanging on the wall. Seeing that, Peter’s mind was filled with devotion. Meanwhile, the bell rang. All the children were coming out in a daze.

The lesson taught by the teacher was still in Peter’s mind. On this birthday he also wanted to do something good. The hospital board appeared at some distance wondering what to do. He immediately went to the fruit shop and bought the fruits with the hundred rupees he had and distributed them to the patients in the hospital. The doctors there greeted Peter with a good mind. He came home satisfied that he had done a good job. His father noticed Peter coming and asked, “Okay! Peter! Why are you late? Did you go to the market and buy anything?”.

The son was silent and Raghava shouted “What! You! You are so silent. Then Peter told them all that had happened. Raghava’s face filled with joy when he heard that. Why are you afraid to call Peterni closer and shrug your shoulders and do such a good job? He praised. Peter happily flew away, from his father’s compliment.

He had dinner that night and fell asleep. In that sleep came a dream. “Peter!” The call came. On the way, there appeared an old man dressed in white and shining like an angel. She said. Peter! Don’t remember me! Said with love. Peter looked at her in amazement and said “Mother! Meera! He went closer.

“Peter! You did a very good job today. Also, you need to be well educated and great. Do you want to do something good like this? That means the dream is shattered. Peter Mother! Mother!”

Okey! Peter! What’s wrong with you? Peter woke up to the call of his mother and said nothing and fell asleep again. He told the teacher everything that happened in class the next day. The teacher said, “Children! Listen! What Mother said! You also need to be well educated and great. You should follow Mother’s ideal and follow in her footsteps and serve the poor and orphans. Children as well as Teachers!”


A boy is sitting on the porch of the house and doing careful calculations. They are the calculations given by their teacher to do at home. The boy did all the calculations except one. He did not know how to do that alone. He took the account book and went to a friend’s house. That friend’s brother was there. He told the boy how to do the calculation. He came home and did that calculation too.

The next day in class the teacher started looking at the calculations the children had done at home. Everyone’s finished looking at the books. This boy is the only one who did all the calculations correctly! He was very happy. He said he would give the boy a present. The boy called to her. He is looking for a gift item on his desk. The boy stood up and did not go to the teacher either. The teacher raised his head. The boy is crying.

He was surprised. He approached the boy and said, “Antonio! Why are you crying?” He asked. The boy said, “Sir! You did the math right. You’re giving me a gift! I did not do all this maths. One of these maths was done by my friend Gary. Said. However, why cry? Asked the teacher. I have done a calculation by others and deceived you. Punish me for that. The boy did not start crying yet.

The teacher nodded to the boy, Nayana is not punishing you. Congratulations. You deserve to be rewarded. However, this gift is not for doing calculations. For greater work than that! The teacher gave the boy a gift for his “honesty.”

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