One day Donald came very late to Barack house. The king, who had been waiting for Donald for a long time, called him and inquired why he was late. Donald replied, “Maharaja ! Our youngest son has caused a great commotion today. It is too late to collect him.”

On the other hand, the scribes laughed “Donald …! Even though I am saying that to say something, is it so difficult to group children tell me ..?” Said. “No Maharaja ! It is not an easy task to please children. Believe me, there is no other difficult task,” said Donald.

However, the scribes said” I do not agree with what you say.” The truth is “Mahaprabhu …! Little children want it, they cry for it on purpose. Donald explained. The king also ran !

The Maharaja did not agree to this either. On top of that Donald suspected that he was making cuts. When the king did not agree for a long time” Okay Maharaja! For a while I will pretend to be a child, and you a father. I will show you what a child does.” The writers said it was okay.

Donald started doing the same. Asked for candy. Os, is that so the king brought the candy thinking. Donald said that after eating a little, he went to the market. When he was taken to the correct market Here and there ran down the street and ran after the king. He showed the colorful bag and asked the king to buy it.

King also bought the bag. Going a little further, an elephant appeared. Donald immediately tortured the elephant. Unable to do so, the king also bought the elephant. That’s it ! Asked him to put the elephant in that colorful bag.

“What does Donald take in the bag ? Any other, step” said the scribe. “I have to put the elephant in the bag. I don’t want anything,” said Donald, sitting in awe. Barack, who was tired for a while, admitted that he had lost. Donald laughed and left for home.

You are Champion :

One day Ayaan was walking with his father in a hilly area. Ayaan’s father patiently answers Ayaan questions.

One of the stones hit Ayaan and he fell down. He was hit hard and cried “Amma.” He noticed the noise coming from the hills.

Unable to bear the surprise, Ayaan asked, “Who are you?”

Ayaan asked a little louder again, “Do you have the courage?” Cried. The same word sounded louder to him than before. Unable to contain his anger, Ayaan yelled, “Shy !” Cried the nerves tighter. Similarly more loudly “Shy!” Heard.

“Father! What? Who is Father there?” The father laughed and said, “Have a little patience.” The sound of “You is Champion” was heard again. Surprised Ayaan did not understand what was happening at all.

Ayaan’s father told him. “It’s called resonance, Babu! Life is like that too. Whatever you say, whatever you say, you must get the reward. Our life is like a reflection of what we do. Love must flourish in the world. There must be plenty in you for perseverance and the desire for success in your team. Otherwise, the desire for success must be nurtured.

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