Who are Nal and Neel and they are famous for what?

Nal and Neel are two characters from the Hindu epic, Ramayana. They are famous for their bravery and intelligence in helping Rama, the hero of the Ramayana, in his quest to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana.

Nal and Neel were two monkey warriors who were part of the army of the monkey king Sugriva. They were sent by Sugriva to search for Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana and taken to his kingdom of Lanka.

Nal was known for his skills in engineering and construction, while Neel was known for his incredible strength and bravery. Together, they built a bridge across the ocean that separated India from Lanka, allowing Rama and his army to cross over and attack Ravana’s kingdom.

During the war between Rama’s army and Ravana’s army, Nal and Neel played key roles in helping to defeat Ravana’s forces. They were instrumental in destroying many of Ravana’s powerful weapons and fortifications, and their bravery and ingenuity helped to turn the tide of the war in Rama’s favor.

Overall, Nal and Neel are celebrated in the Ramayana for their loyalty, courage, and intelligence, and are regarded as important allies of Rama in his quest to defeat Ravana and rescue Sita.

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