There is a large pond in a forest. Most of the frogs in it have been inhabited for a long time. The pond was somewhere inside the forest so the frog was comfortable without enemies. One day an eagle flying over the forest saw the pond. The pond leaned over the embankment, wondering how it had been so long without seeing such a large pond. It saw a lot of frogs in the pond.

No longer having any trouble with her food, she happily settled some distance there away. Spend time eating frog comfortably three times a day. Meanwhile, the frog began to swarm.

Every day some of them succumbed to the eagle which frightened the frog. However, knowing that they would be left alone for a few days, they came up with a plan to save the frog from the clutches of the eagle one night. A frog hit me with a trick but said it needed your cooperation. The rest of the frog asked what it was.

The frog told them his trick. The next morning the eagle came to the pond to eat the frog. But she was shocked to see all the frogs floating in the pond. Seeing that all these frogs were dead, I wondered what was going on. Meanwhile, a frog was seen languishing. The eagle happily came forward to catch the frog.

But if you want to live with that frog eagle, listen to me.

Stop the eagle and tell me what it is. Last night a cobra came near the pond and drank the water. Meanwhile, a big frog bit it. The angry snake vomited the venom in the pond. With that, all the water in the pond became poisonous. That’s why all the frogs are floating dead, and I’m going to die in another moment too. She said beware if you eat me you will also die. Frightened by this, the eagle realized that he could not find food in the pond and went in search of another pond. All the frogs were very happy for the frog to roll the dice.


A squirrel came into the house of a scholar who had been searching for food for two days. Returned home and noticed the presence of corn kernels in a basket. When the squirrel saw them, it was very hungry. Immediately climbed into the basket. But in that house, they put a lid firmly on it. Desperately descending, the basket turned around. In the meantime, the squirrel got the idea for it. As soon as it chuckled, it made a hole in the town basket. The chuckle entered the interior. Lots of corn seeds. Started eating them with pleasure.

She ate all the nuts in the basket without stopping. Made fat. Thought to get out longer. Immediately tried to get out of the hole. The stomach does not swell unless it takes its head in that hole. The squirrel got tired of eating so well that it made the hole bigger, and collapsed inside with it and started screaming.

What happened? Asked. The squirrel said everything that happened. After hearing all this, the cat said, “You can fast for four days. Then you can come out of this hole. The squirrel sat in another way or the basket, thinking in his mind that there had been adequate punishment for not thinking back and forth.

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