Bored of a Bird after being in a cage for so long. After much difficulty, it escaped from the cage and reached the forest. Few Days enjoyed eating the sweet fruits found in the forest and jumping on the trees as he pleased. One day the Bird saw an elephant lying on its hind legs under a big tree. That immediately gave birth to a prank desire for the Bird. Either way that elephant wanted to disturb sleep. Immediately he flew down the rivulet from the tree and stabbed the elephant on the hump with his beak. The bird withered the nose. The elephant cries as it pierces the hump Flicked and opened its eyes.

The Bird climbed the tree and giggled. Hey Boss! Why spoil my sleep? ’Said the elephant angrily.” Just,” said the Bird, smiling again. There was nothing to do, or the elephant lay down again with its eyes closed. After a while, the Bird came down again to the rive, stabbed the elephant once more on the hump, and went and climbed the tree. The elephant sleep was bad once again. This time the elephant ‘Hey Boss! Why don’t you work? ’ But the Bird did the same two or three other times. The elephant got up and left as there was no more profit.

To the Bird, it still seemed fun. Once again the flying elephant stabbed on the hump and leaned against a tree. The elephant was overwhelmed with anger. Deciding to tell the Bird anyway, he went down to a nearby pond and submerged his whole body except his head and hump. It made the Bird even more excited to see it. It thought, “Aha! My elephant is weirder than me Frightened by the blow, go and look for what is hidden in the water. ”

Long gone. But before that, the Bird will do as well as The imagined elephant splashed the water that had already filled its tusk on the Ugh… Mantu Bird. The Bird, suffocated by the impact of the water, could no longer fly, but fell into the pond and giggled. Beaten. The kind elephant looked at it with pity and threw it ashore. The Bird no longer had a mind. Himself It begged the elephant to forgive. The elephant smiled solemnly and went on his way. The Bird knew big and small.


In one village there was a village farmer named mallayya. He has a farm. There is also a flock of sheep. One day he took his son gokul to the farm with the laborers. He told the herd to guard his son. gokul said OK. ‘Beware of the occasional big tiger coming here,’ said mallayya, who was engaged in working with the farm laborers, telling them to shout if a tiger came. gokul is a brat boy. He wanted to play a game with his father. Dad, Dad cried loudly that the tiger had come. mallayya came running with the laborers and sticks to see if the tiger had really come.

But Gokul laughed and said just kidding. mallayya, the laborers are gone. Again for a while ‘Dad, Dad cried was a tiger. mallayya came again. This time too it is a scam ‘said gokul. mallayya shouted at Rangad and left.

After a while, the tiger actually came. This time again he cried out loud ‘Dad Tiger. No matter how much he shouted, mallayya did not listen to them, it did not matter that Gokul cried again for humor. The tiger grabbed the lamb by the neck and dragged it away. Gokul cried and realized that he would not be in danger if he lied to the laughter.

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