That means there was a kingdom. Its people were, sadly, good people – but the king and the minister were a little overwhelmed. They do not want to rule the kingdom like all kings. Therefore, they announced that there should be something special day and night, Everyone in the kingdom should work in the dark, they should sleep until dawn. Whoever disobeys these commandments will be put to death! And what will the people do? Be sure to do as the king says. The king and his ministers were very pleased that their orders were being carried out well.

One day he came to that kingdom with his disciple, a glorious teacher. Becoming afternoon; the city is so beautiful. But they were not human beings, not a single rat, was seen wandering around. Everyone is sleeping with the door closed! The people who feared the edict eventually made the habit of daytime sleep even for the cattle in that kingdom! The Guru surprised the disciples a lot.

By evening, however, the whole city was awake at once. All the people started whining about what they were doing! Seeing their obedience to the disciples made them happy. It was getting dark, and they were both very hungry. As soon as the shops opened, they went to the market to buy some groceries. Surprise to see all goods at the same rate! Each one is a ‘rupee’ – that’s all. Soled rice is like a dozen bananas. The disciple is a lover of food. He was very happy to see those prices. No matter how much luggage you buy, it doesn’t cost even ten bucks!

“It’s the realm of the insane. It’s dangerous to be in a place like this. To the disciple, that kingdom was like heaven. No valid reason was found for the escape. “We can not find all the food here at these prices. What a wonderful place, this is it! Let’s just stay here,” he said. “It’s not going to last long, man. And they do not know when — what — they will do — listen to me, come with me, let’s go somewhere else,” said the teacher looking at the disciple. But the disciple disagreed. The good words of the teacher faded before the glory of that kingdom. “Anyway! He will not leave this heaven,” said the disciple. The teacher left him there and said, Call on me when you need me, I will come.”

The disciple remained there. Happily everyday banana, ghee, honey, rice, and wheat bread — whatever they were — were made of mecca, like a mold, and round, smooth, and strong.


One night King had a dream that he had lost all his teeth. The king awoke from his sleep and immediately summoned the astrologers. He told the astrologers about his dream and explained its consequences.

The astrologers discussed for a long time, Great King! Your dream has a great meaning. Do you want to listen? Asked. “Come on,” said King. Jahapana! All your relatives will die before you, Lord.”

King was extremely angry. With that, he sent the astrologers out of the temple. That next morning, presumably Minister went to meet the king. The king also told Minister about his dream and what the astrologers had said. Meaningful Minister Great King! I also have a little knowledge of dream results. It seems that according to your dream you will live happier longer than all your relatives.”

King was pleased with this answer and sent Minister in his honor. The minister was glad that King did not know the difference in the way the astrologers said and what he said was the same.

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