Who is the sister of Lord Shiva?

Devotees remember Lord Shiva with various names like Laya Karudu, Bhola Shankara, Adi Yogi. It is believed that Lord Shiva will fulfill the wishes of the devotees if they perform the puja with devotional attention and an untainted mind.
As part of this, many people in the Puranas did penance and got the blessings of Lord Shiva.

The Lord is worshiped regularly. While talking about him, they talk about his wife Parvati Devi, Goddess Ganga on his head, sons Vinayaka and Kumara Swamy.
But very few people know that he has a younger sister. Because he who has no birth and death is Lord Shiva.
They wonder how he got a sister. But there is a popular story in Puranas about Shiva’s younger sister.

According to Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva brings Parvati to Kailasa after his marriage. Lord Shiva is always engaged in meditation.
All were men in Kailasam. Goddess Parvati says that she has no female companion to talk to and takes her pain to Lord Shiva.
The desire in the heart says that it would be better for him to play to get rid of that pain.

Shiva says that Devi Saraswati will be his younger sister. But Goddess Parvati says that she is busy with many things and does not have time to spend with him.
So Lord Shiva used his power to create Ashavari who was like himself. Ashavari wears a tiger skin like Lord Shiva to see.
Hair is frizzy. A bit unpleasant to look at.

Goddess Parvati happily takes Asha home. She bathes herself and gets ready beautifully. As she was very hungry, Goddess Parvati prepared delicious dishes for her. But no matter how much she ate, Ashavari Devi’s hunger was not satisfied. All the food in Kailasam was gone for her hunger. But she was not hungry. She was confused as to what to do.

Devi Parvati sought the shelter of Lord Shiva to solve the problem. She says that she is tired of Ashavari’s behavior and that it is not her fault to bear it. Lord Shiva sends his younger sister to another place. Thus ends the story of Shiva’s sister. Many people are not aware of this matter.

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