Good news for the PUBG new state game players

The PUBG: New State game, which was released last month, is already being played by millions. Similar to the PubG Mobile game, this new state with good graphics and features is a hit. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from Krafton is also in good competition. Krafton is set to release a December update to the Pubg NewState game in this order.

New cars, weapons, and more are coming to the Pubg New State Game via the December update. Kaftan also jumped at the chance to fix fixes to the game after receiving complaints about some bugs in the game. An update to the PubMed New State game will be available on the 9th of this month. Android users can update the game on the Google Play Store, while Apple iPhone gamers can update the game on the App Store. Krafton, however, recommends downloading via WiFi rather than mobile data as the update size is likely to be larger.

Here are the new ones

Two new vehicles are coming to the Pubg New State Game via the December update. A six-seater electric minibus called Electron will be added to the game. There is also the possibility of changing seats while traveling on the bus with the team. It will be available at Troy, Training Ground. Also coming up is another new vehicle called the Mesta. This is a two-seater sports car. This vehicle is used to accelerate quickly and go at maximum speed. Similarly, there will be two models in this Mesta vehicle. One is standard and the other is open. The vehicle will be located at Erangil, some parts of Troy, on the training ground.

Also, new weapons like the L85A3 Assault Rifle, M416 (C2) Long Barrel, SLR (C2) 5.56mm Barrel Gun will be added to the Pubg New State Game through this December update.

Survivor Pass Values.2 will also be coming to the Pubg NewState game with this December update. Dream Runner Faction .. Bella is the main character this season. In order to achieve Bella, costumes need to complete the story mission. As well as level upgrade rewards, there will be premium passes, vehicle skins, and new character costumes.

Krafton has also announced that it will be fixing bugs in the game with a new update. The Station Death Match Map will have the facility to easily locate enemy base points. There will also be some life updates on the Troy Map.

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