900 employees Fired in three-minute zoom call meeting

All employees are doing work from home for the corona epidemic blow. Corporate and professional meetings are all held on zoom calls. But these zoom calls are bringing a boost to employees. A New York-based mortgage lender gave pink slips to 900 employees in a single call and sent them home. In the United States and elsewhere, the shock of Better.com employees has gone viral on the Internet in the wake of the start of the holiday season in a few days. This zoom call, which was carried out to remove employees, ended in less than three minutes.

The video, which was uploaded on Twitter by an employee who received a pink slip, is currently circulating on the internet. Better.com CEO Vishal Garg revealed this in a zoom call with a short message that all the employees who are being fired are part of the ‘unlucky Group’. ‘This is not the news you want to hear. If you are on this call, you are all part of the online group. You are being laid off. We are terminating your employment immediately, ”said a video of CEO Vishal Garg circulating on the internet. “This is the second time in my career that I have made this decision. Did not want to do this. This situation already faced in past and I am very saddened, “the CEO lamented after the zoom meeting. All employees who have been fired will receive an email from HR regarding the Severness package.

The company, meanwhile, received $ 750 million in funding from Softbank this week. The company also has a valuation of $ 7 billion. It is also set to hit the market in a few days. Garg has been in the news many times in the past with similar decisions. In addition, in the early days of the Kovid-19 pandemic, many companies made headlines by giving employees pink slips. Companies cut employees as the market collapsed and revenues fell.

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