Are there benefits to crying?

When someone cries, people immediately try to stop that person from crying. People’s hearts melt especially when children cry. But if you cry when you grow up, you are said to be weak and you should face every situation with courage. Especially girls are considered weak if they cry.

Because they get emotional immediately when there is a problem. But medical experts say that crying is good for health and if you don’t shed tears, you have to face health problems. Many studies have shown that crying has many health benefits. Medical experts say that shedding tears in public makes you mentally stronger.

Now let’s know how crying is good for health. Experts say that when people cry, their emotions are under control and they feel calmer. Not only this but crying when under stress is said to relax your mind. Crying activates the parasynthetic nervous system. It helps reduce stress.

When the mood is upset or sad, we need to cry for a while. By crying like this, the pain will go away and the mind will feel calm. When you cry, the hormones oxytocin and endorphin are released in the body. This calms the mind. Get relief from mental pain. Whenever there is an injury, the brain immediately releases these hormones.

So you get quick relief from pain. Tears naturally clean the eyes. Bacteria that grows with dust in the eyes is also removed. In fact, tears contain a liquid called lysozyme. It is packed with powerful antimicrobial properties. It can protect the eyes from bacteria.

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