Do you know why they put cotton in the nose of the dead!

There are certain types of rituals after the death of a person. One of them is placed in the ear and nose. Many people have doubts as to why they do this. If they asked the elders. they would have told them. This is given only to those who have died in Hinduism. There are many different stories behind putting cotton in the nose like this. In Hinduism, certain rituals are observed not only when a person is born but also when they die. Also, when the dead body is brought home, some people also perform pooja. Cotton is placed in the ear and nose in this order.

There are many scientific and spiritual reasons behind this. After the death of a person, a special liquid comes out from the nose and ears. Cotton is applied to stop the fluid from escaping. Also after death it is kept with cotton to prevent any bacteria from entering the body. By putting it like this, even air does not go inside.

This prevents the dead body from decaying quickly. There are many scientific reasons behind the death of man. Small pieces of gold are placed near the nose of the deceased to bring peace to the soul of the deceased. Elders say that they used to put cotton to prevent the pieces from falling down. Also Garuda Purana also says that a dead person has nothing to do with worldly things. There is another story behind putting cotton on the nose and ears of a dead person.

After the death of a person, King Yamadharma separates the soul from the body. That soul is waiting for a way to re-enter the body. That is why the elders say that cotton is put in the ear and nose to prevent the spirit from entering the body again. There are different types of reasons depending on the region.

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