Why is black colour not good?

Many people like black color very much. They think they should wear black color wherever they go. Not only that, black color is better than all other colors. Gives a good look. Because of this, if you want to go anywhere, you give importance to black color first. But our elders say that black color should not be used for good deeds. Not only that, it is also called inauspicious. However.. according to the Puranas each has a meaning.

Also, each color has different meanings in different cultures and religions. But now let us know about the importance and importance of black in Hinduism. Black color is considered inauspicious by many in Hinduism. Not only that, the newly married people are prohibited from wearing black clothes, glasses, glasses etc. For one year it will be completely obsolete. Apart from this black clothes are not worn on some special days.

For example, black is not used for auspicious deeds like when going to a temple and performing puja. Some people don’t wear anything related to black even on Mondays and Tuesdays. But why are they so strict about black color because according to astrology black color is associated with Saturn.

Sometimes astrologers advise to wear black if Saturn is well placed in the horoscope. Also, many people believe that if Saturn is not in a good position in the horoscope, wearing black will be inauspicious. Not only that, black color is considered to be a symbol of death and darkness in Hinduism. But it is also used to ward off the evil eye. That’s why small children are bitten and blobbed.

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