What is the story of Mahishasura in short?

Mahishasura is a figure from Hindu mythology who is often depicted as a demon or buffalo demon. According to Hindu mythology, he was the son of Rambha, a powerful demon, and a buffalo. He is known for his strength, bravery, and intelligence.

Mahishasura is primarily known for his battle against the goddess Durga. He was granted a boon by the god Brahma, which made him invincible against all male beings. This made him arrogant and he began to torment the gods and humans. The gods, unable to defeat him, turned to the goddess Durga for help.

Durga fought a fierce battle against Mahishasura, during which she used her various weapons and skills to defeat him. Finally, she was able to kill him with her trident, which pierced his chest. This battle is celebrated during the festival of Navratri in India, where the victory of good over evil is celebrated.

Mahishasura is often seen as a symbol of ignorance, arrogance, and evil. His defeat by Durga is seen as a victory of righteousness and wisdom over these negative qualities.

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