Smartphone that discharges quickly: what to do?

Taking care of your smartphone battery does not mean that we are safe from some inconvenience. Among them, the one that you may encounter very often is battery draining too fast issue. In this article we offer some tips for dealing with capricious batteries, whether you own an iPhone or an Android phone.

Your smartphone discharges quickly: identify the reasons

There are several reasons that can explain that a battery is too energy-consuming. Among them are:

Software and application updates

Although rare, software update problems can affect all smartphones, even the most recent ones. Following a software update and the installation of applications, they may thus have autonomy problems. It’s the same when you install power-hungry apps like Facebook. If these apps represent more than 4% of your smartphone’s energy consumption, there is a problem. You must therefore be careful to avoid energy-intensive applications and properly execute phone software updates.

Android: Google Play

For Android smartphones, it may happen that Google Play, which manages the applications, makes the smartphone consume a lot of energy by checking that the installed applications have been updated correctly. To solve this problem, you must go to the settings of the Google Play application to indicate not to automatically update applications or to only do so when the smartphone is connected to Wifi.

Geolocation, bluetooth, Wifi

Whether you are on Android or Iphone, several connected tools can constantly consume energy unnecessarily: the Bluetooth connection to peripherals, the search for available Wifi networks, the geolocation service, etc.

Generally easily accessible on your smartphone, remember to deactivate these services when you do not need them.

Screen brightness

The brightness of the screen. Typically, your display should consume around 15% of the total power consumption. Remember to adjust the brightness according to your real need.

At the technical level

  • An internal battery problem, changing the battery can then give your smartphone a second life which will gain in autonomy and in some cases even in performance.
  • A defective USB port or battery charger cable. The change of charger then becomes essential, the opportunity to get a very practical induction charger .

Simple methods to overcome the unloading of smartphones

You can adopt several solutions to ensure that your smartphone does not discharge too quickly:

  • First, you can lower the brightness of your screen. On some smartphones, you are even offered to adapt the brightness of the screen according to energy saving needs.
  • In a second step, changing the battery of the smartphone could be a good solution. Your smartphone’s battery is designed to withstand a certain charge cycle. Beyond that, it begins to run out of steam.
  • You can also change the battery charger . Check the power and amperage of the charger. Also make sure that it complies with the European standards in force.
  • Install a “GSAM battery monitor” type application that will allow you to determine what slows down your smartphone and discharges it quickly.
  • Remember to close your applications carefully to prevent them from continuing to consume energy even when you have stopped using them.

A smartphone consuming too much energy is commonplace. The direct consequence of this is the battery draining too quickly and the phone’s life being reduced. While the causes are many, there are just as many ways to remedy them. You just need to be able to identify where the problem is coming from and act accordingly. Another important point, there are many tips to optimize the charging of your smartphone , this can help you to charge your smartphone efficiently in a short time.

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