Choose your PC power supply when you are a gamer

All gamers are looking for the most appropriate PC power supply for their use and the configuration it requires. How to choose the right food? What criteria should be taken into account?

What are the criteria for choosing the right food?

Choosing the right power supply for your gaming computer is not easy. Several criteria must be taken into consideration in order to make the right choice:

  • the power: it depends on the type of use of your PC and your graphics card. The recommended minimum power is generally 550 Watts. Below, it will be more of a suitable power for a PC for office use
  • the level of modularity: the more the power supply is modular, the more it means that it is possible to remove unnecessary cables. Choose a modular power supply
  • the level of certification: the more a power supply has a high certification, the more efficient it is in terms of consumption and energy. Typically, a bronze certification is the minimum required for powering a gaming PC.

A selection according to the power

The power supply for your PC Gamer depends in particular on the power level chosen. A level of 430 Watts is generally too low for a Gamer type configuration.

A minimum power of 550 Watts is often recommended. For Gamer PCs that have a high-quality graphics card, you can opt for a power of 650 Watts.

The higher power level mainly concerns PCs with several high-end graphics cards. It is then no longer really a question of computers dedicated to Gamers games but rather of devices configured for a much more advanced use.

In order to choose the most suitable power source, especially in terms of power, the graphics card is the first information to take into account. If you only have one graphics card, the choice of power supply is easy. The power supply must be powerful, without being excessive.

To choose the right power supply for your PC Gamer, you must take into account several criteria, such as power, modularity and level of certification. A power of 550 Watts is generally recommended, for a graphics card.

Better manage your Mac Book battery

Have you decided to treat yourself to a nice MacBook and want to make the most of it? In order to make the most of the performance of your Apple computer, it is essential to take care of it. To do this, it is possible to best optimize both the life of the battery and its autonomy by following a few simple principles.

Which battery for my MacBook?

MacBooks have Lithium-Ion batteries that charge faster and last longer. Very light, they combine a fast charge, in order to quickly reach 80%, with a slow trickle charge, from 80 to 100%, to extend their lifespan.

The Lithium-Ion batteries of the MacBook thus make it possible to quickly regain autonomy while preserving their lifespan as well as possible.

Unlike older battery models, the Lithium-Ion battery offers the possibility of recharging your MacBook at any time during the cycle. It is not necessary to wait for the complete discharge to recharge its battery.

The MacBook battery expects 80% of the initial capacity to be maintained after 1,000 cycles (under normal laptop use…). Note that by cycle we do not mean the time between 2 charges, but the complete discharge of the battery: 1 cycle = battery 100% discharged even if there has been a charge in the meantime.

For example: you use your MacBook in the evening only 25% but to be sure to be well for the next day, you recharge the battery. The next day you use 75% of your battery: you have therefore discharged 100% over 2 days and carried out 1 complete cycle for your battery, with a charge in the meantime.

Maximize your MacBook’s battery performance.

In general, a battery does not like extreme temperatures: avoid too hot or too cold climates. Thus, the battery of your MacBook, and therefore your computer, will operate optimally between 10 and 35° with an ideal temperature between 16 and 22°. Put away and turned off, your MacBook can withstand temperatures between -20 and 45° without risk of damage to the battery.

It is the heat that is the most criminal: operating in high heat or even storing the battery in a place that is too hot can create irreversible damage with a battery that will discharge faster or cannot be charged more than 80% in a way definitive. Conversely, the cold can cause malfunctions but most of the time these are limited: the battery can lose autonomy when the environment is too cold but it returns to normal when the computer returns to an ambient temperature More comfortable.

Remember to always use the most recent version of the operating software (OS), your MacBook will offer you regular updates, installing them also guarantees the optimal life of your battery. You can check that you are up to date in your device settings.

Think about optimizing certain energy-intensive features when using your computer, for example the brightness of the screen: by controlling this parameter, you also save battery power.

Finally, if your MacBook must be stored for a long time, because you have decided to opt for a disconnected vacation, for example, pay attention to the level of charge before storage, in addition to the temperature of the storage location. To avoid damaging your battery, your MacBook should be stored with about a 50% charge. If your battery is drained when you store your computer, you may end up with a battery that will no longer be able to hold a charge. If, on the contrary, it is fully charged, it risks losing part of its autonomy. A 50% charged battery, flat storage, in a dry environment between 16 and 20° will be ideal. When it’s time to use your MacBook again, just charge it for 20 minutes with the original charger, if possible, and then,

You are now ready to use your MacBook and its battery by making the most of their performance! When the battery is at the end of its life, know that it is quite possible to change the battery of a MacBook, thinking of recycling the old one!

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