How to sync your smartphone to your pc?

In this article we offer you a quick and easy tutorial to be able to synchronize your data present on your Android or iOS smartphone to your PC. Saving photos, emails, appointments or even your address book is not difficult, follow our guide and save your smartphone step by step!

Sync device to pc

Connect the smartphone to the pc

You can connect your smartphone with a cable, via a wifi connection or via Bluetooth. This connection via a cable is often sufficient to recover the files or media present on the phone and its SIM card. However, for your pc to be able to read the data present in your smartphone, you must install specific Android software.

Use software dedicated to synchronization

The software must be compatible with your operating system, here are the software you can use with both your smartphone and your computer:

  • Airdroid  : File transfer, remote control, reception of messages on the computer…. Compatible with iOS or Android, Windows or Mac OS X. More info and download at:
  • Wi-Fi Android Manager . Synchronization between PC and Android phone via Wifi. More informations
  • Samsung Kies for Mac or Windows: solution for Samsung smartphones. More informations
  • iTunes for Mac or Windows.

Why use specific software?

The use of specific software guarantees that you maintain the quality and format of your files. Indeed by ignoring the manufacturer software it can happen that by synchronizing them to your pc, the files are damaged, or even impossible to open depending on the compatibility of the devices. So be sure to integrate the software with your data synchronization to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The use of the specific software marks the difference between data transfer and synchronization  : the synchronization of your mobile data to your computer will allow you to update on both media while the data transfer will migrate your files to your computer in deleting them from your smartphone.

Backing up your smartphone files

However, be careful when synchronizing data because the files used to run your applications are among the other data on your smartphone. If you accidentally delete one of these files or transfer them to your PC, the applications would no longer be accessible on your smartphone.

The main advantage of Android Smartphones is that they use Google services. Clearly synchronization with your pc is not essential even if it is an additional security because Android works like a hard drive in its own right. In fact, the synchronization is therefore automatic if you use the Google tools that you find on your smartphone and your pc. If you want synchronizations from your Android smartphone to be automated and secure, you can install one of the tools mentioned, such as wifi Android Manager.

Transfer data on Windows with an Android device

Once the smartphone is connected to your pc with the use of one of the software, a window opens to warn you of the connection of a new peripheral to your pc. The same message is displayed on your smartphone.

To transfer data:

  • From your smartphone, click on the notification bar to access the USB plugged in line.
  • Allow data transfer.
  • From Windows Explorer, the smartphone is available as a removable disk,
  • Drag and drop the files present on the removable disk to your pc.

Android smartphones are therefore ideal for both professional and personal use since they allow you to manage all your data from your different devices.

Transferring data to Windows with an Apple device

From the Apple site, download and install iTunes on your pc:

  • Open iTunes
  • Click Left Side Menu > Device > iPhone
  • Settings
  • Select the “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” box.

To sync your contacts:

  • Click on the “info” tab
  • Select the “sync contacts” box, then select your email.

To sync your photos:

We advise you to create an “iPhone photo transfer” folder on your pc.

On iTunes:

  • Photo tab>selected folders>iPhone photo transfer.

In addition, for the synchronization of messaging on iPhones it is only possible with: Outlook Express / 2003/2007, Windows Vista or Yahoo contacts.

If your sync fails, head to: iTunes>edit>preferences>sync>reset sync history.

Note that installing iTunes software is required for syncing iPhone with Windows operating system.

To safely and effectively synchronize your smartphone to your pc, we therefore recommend that you do not just connect them with a USB cable but also use the very practical features of the software mentioned, the assurance of not losing or not damage any file. For data synchronization, no smartphone is more recommendable than another because the difference is played in the compatibility of your devices. In other words, if you synchronize from an Apple device to an Apple device, the synchronization will surely be done more smoothly than from an Apple device to a Windows operating system.

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