Omicron in India: 2 cases in that state .. Center official statement!

The world-disturbing omicron variant has also arrived in India. Omikran cases have already been registered in tens of countries. In the state of Karnataka, two people have been diagnosed with the corona virus variant Omicron positive. These are the first cases reported in the country, the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday.

‘Two Omicron variant cases have been reported in the country so far. Both came from the state of Karnataka. We are identifying and testing those who have been in contact with people infected with Omicron,”  said Love Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Health.

The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa. So far, the epidemic has spread to 29 countries. India has become the 30th country to spread this variant as the Central Government has officially announced the registration of Omicron cases.

The Central Government has been alerted as Omikran cases have been registered. It has been enforcing sanctions on international travelers since Wednesday. Meanwhile, Telangana Health Director Srinivas Rao said that a woman in Hyderabad was also found to have Omicron variant symptoms. Central and state governments have issued a high alert following the entry of the Omicron variant into India.

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