interesting facts about popcorn

Such a popular snack as popcorn appeared in the USA. More precisely, its mass production began there, after which popcorn quickly became popular in most countries of the world. What varieties of it are not offered now – sweet, salty, sour, spicy … But in fact, for the first time, people invented it much earlier than is commonly thought.

Interesting Popcorn Facts

Half a thousand years ago, American Indians used popcorn as a decoration, making beads and bracelets out of it.

Well-dried popcorn has great strength, even if it is afraid of moisture.

In the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, popcorn was once one of the common decorations for the Christmas tree.

The first compact popcorn machine was invented in the USA in 1985.

In the United States, during the years of the Great Depression, the popularity of popcorn skyrocketed for several years, as the population simply did not have money, and this snack remained very inexpensive.

Popcorn explodes because of the structure of corn kernels – hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

Now, foam plastic or foam balls are often used as a filler that protects the cargo from damage during transportation. And in the last century, popcorn cooked without oil was used for this purpose. And, by the way, quite successfully.

In order to turn corn kernels into popcorn, they must be heated to 190 degrees.

The benefit of popcorn lies in the presence of dietary fiber in it, as well as vitamins of groups A and B. True, it is leveled by the fact that it is usually cooked with oil, which is not very useful.

American movie theaters have been selling popcorn since 1912.

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