How to transfer data from iPhone to Android phone?

Have you just acquired a new Android phone but you cannot transfer iPhone data from the old one to the new one? This tutorial is for you! Find out how to transfer your data from an iPhone phone to an Android.

How to back up iPhone data?

For iPhones, synchronization is automatic as soon as you connect your phone to your computer. iTunes opens and backs up your data directly. Otherwise you can use iCloud. All you have to do is request the automatic backup of your data in the settings or start a manual backup.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android?

Have you just acquired a brand new Android and want to transfer your data from your old iPhone phone? It’s possible… To a certain extent.

First, you will need a Google account. On your iPhone, go to Settings then Mail, Contacts and Calendars. In Accounts, add your Google account. You will then only have to synchronize your Android with your Google account and you will have recovered all your data. To do this, go to Settings → Accounts and synchronization → Add account. Then in Data and synchronization, choose the data you want to synchronize (Calendar, Contact and Gmail).

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Android?

To recover your photos, the process is also very simple. Connect your iPhone to your PC. In Computer / My Computer, right click on the device. In the menu that appears, choose Import images and videos and then select the destination folder. Once done, connect your Android phone to your PC. Still in Computer/My Computer, open the device. Copy the photos you want to transfer and then paste them into the phone’s DCIM folder.

Thus, these two manipulations will allow you to recover calendar data, contacts, emails and photos from your iPhone. However, it is still impossible to keep your applications during an iOS to Android migration. You will then have to manually download your applications to your new Android smartphone.

How to Transfer Data When Changing Phones: Android to iPhone

Have you bought a brand new iPhone to replace your Android, but you don’t know how to transfer your data from one smartphone to another? This two-step tutorial will help you solve the problem. First of all we will see the procedure for backing up your data on Android then how to transfer them to iOS.

How to back up your Android data?

For Android smartphones, synchronization can be automatic or manual. You can request the recording of your data on your Google account. Just go to “Backup & reset” in your phone’s settings. Thus you will be able to configure the synchronization of data from your phone to your Google account.

How to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone?

You have just acquired a brand new iPhone and you want to transfer your data from your old Android phone? All you need is a simple app to do the transfer.

Start by downloading the Move to iOS app on your Android phone. Then turn on your new iPhone and begin the commissioning procedure. When you get to the Apps and Data step, click on Migrate options from Android. A code will then be displayed, write it down. On your Android smartphone, open the Move to iOS application, and enter the code given by your new iPhone. You then only have to choose the data you want to transfer from your Android smartphone and complete the configuration of your iPhone.

This procedure will allow you to migrate peacefully from Android to iOS. And unlike switching from an iPhone to an Android, you will even be able to recover your applications (those available on the two AppStore and Play Store stores).

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