How to choose the right smartphone?

Between crush and need for performance, choosing your smartphone is a delicate decision. In addition, brands are constantly releasing new models. Discover our list of criteria to guide you.


There are 3 operating systems for smartphones: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Each has its own navigation logic and graphic identity. A great leader, Android is used on 80% of devices. Then remain iOS (Apple) appreciated for its intuitive side and Windows Phone.

Screen & definition

The choice of screen size will depend on how the phone is used. Large screens are bulky but small formats are less manageable and uncomfortable. Note that the resolution also comes into play and plays on the quality of the display: the more the screen has a fine definition, the more the touch will be reactive.

Storage space

Again, depending on your usage you will need more or less storage space. Consider that today some operating system updates can take up to 1giga. Note that the announced memory never corresponds to the real capacity of the device.


Depending on the performance and features of your smartphone, the power of the processor will vary. The capacities of the processor are measured in Mhz or even Ghz. As for the power of the RAM, it will determine the ability of the smartphone to be multitasking.


Indicated in SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), the rate will determine the ability of the phone to capture the network (3G, 4G).


Autonomy is an essential criterion in the choice of a smartphone. The capacity of the battery will be expressed in mAh. If the performance is disappointing, the ideal is to take a Powerbank.

Small budgets, high-end, professional, there are different types of smartphone that meet different needs and comply with various requirements.

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