why india lost 2023 world cup

  1. Losing the toss. In this match, Team India lost the toss which was the main reason for the defeat. Aussies won the toss and chose to bowl. Blitzed on a dull pitch. The in-form Indian batsmen were bowled over by the pavilion in successive overs. If Team India won the toss and bowled first in this match. The Aussies also struggled with the bat. Then Team India would meet.
  2. Taporder failure. In this World Cup, Team India is the top-ranked team. It was clear in this match. Especially the failure of opener Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer ruled the batting failure of Team India. Gill backs off at first. Rohit Sharma’s dismissal with a bad shot at a crucial time turned the match around. Had these two given a sizzling start, the later batters would have batted freely.
    Shreyas Iyer’s withdrawal soon after Rohit’s dismissal also put India under pressure. Even if Iyer scored 20-30 runs, Team India would have won.
  3. Kohli and Rahul getting out at a crucial time. Kohli and Rahul supported Team India who lost 3 wickets for 81 runs. Not playing till the end also hurt.
    Kohli’s unfortunate retreat soon after the half-century was the turning point of the match.
    Rahul also played hard after completing his half century and prevented team India from scoring big.
    If either of these two had played till the end, Team India would have scored 280-290 runs. Then the Indian bowlers had a chance.

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