Who is sunaina in Ramayanam?

Sunaina is the name of the queen of King Janaka in the Ramayana. She was the wife of King Janaka and the foster mother of Sita, who was found as a baby by King Janaka while he was ploughing a field.

In the Ramayana, Sunaina is depicted as a wise and kind queen who treats Sita as her own daughter. She is often portrayed as a role model for motherhood and is highly respected for her devotion to her family and her people.

Sunaina’s role in the Ramayana is significant as she plays an important part in the upbringing of Sita and is a key figure in the story of Ram and Sita’s marriage. Her character represents the virtues of a nurturing and supportive mother figure, and she is highly regarded in Indian culture for her wisdom and kindness.

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