Where to Buy laptop online or in store?

Our consumption has evolved considerably in recent years and shopping online is not surprising, it has even become something very natural that has returned relatively quickly to mores. However, for some devices, it is sometimes more difficult to carry out a 100% online purchase process. In this article we offer you a focus on the advantages and disadvantages of online or in-store purchases.

Buy laptop in store

First of all, you have to be able to qualify this point, because very often the purchasing process is not 100% online or in-store, but a mixture of the two. Indeed consumers prefer to be able to test and touch a product but also to receive advice from a professional before buying it and this is part of the process.

However, what was not part of the process a few years ago is the fact that consumers begin their process in the traditional way, that is to say in store, to finalize their purchase online and not necessarily on the seller’s site they visited.


  • Test the product when available as a show model.
  • Evaluate the real size of the PC, its thickness, its weight or the quality of its screen.
  • Obtain advice from an advisor, practical in case of hesitation between several models.
  • Simpler return conditions, with easy-to-contact After-Sales Service.


  • It is possible to end up with a product that is not available, sometimes even if it is indicated as available on the website. The best solution, check its availability by calling the store.
  • The cost is sometimes higher than on the internet where offers are very frequent.
  • Getting around and going to the store when you could order from home.
  • Crowds in stores, especially during promotions during sales or Black Friday.

Buy your laptop online

It’s not just digital natives who shop online. Indeed, many consumers prefer to make their purchases online rather than going to the store and the reasons that motivate them are diverse. Some prefer to opt for the purchase of a laptop online because they already have the necessary technical information to know before their purchase. There are many PC comparison articles online , useful for knowing the criteria to compare when making a purchase and seeing a selection of PCs appreciated by users.


  • To be able to compare several products and their prices easily with the “comparator” tools.
  • Do not go to the store, practical when you live far from a store.
  • More product choices with even web exclusives not available in store.


  • No advisor, even if more and more sites offer a “chatbot”, a virtual advisor to answer any questions.
  • Shipping costs which increase the price.
  • Sometimes long delivery times.
  • Unable to verify product functionality.
  • After-Sales Service and variable returns depending on the site.

For any purchase of a laptop online or in a store, there is not really a general rule, but rather on a case-by-case basis. If this is your first PC purchase, we recommend that you at least test the product in the store and buy it online.

The only drawback to buying online can therefore be summed up in the delivery time, but is it really binding when you know that you are paying less for your product and that you are not moving? If you want to buy a laptop, discover our article to choose your laptop according to your needs before knowing if you are going to opt for the online purchase or not.

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