Where do people go after death? eighteen layers of hell?

In the past, World religions people believed in the retribution of the cycle of cause and effect. Whatever bad things happened in this life, they would fall into eighteen levels of hell after death, and they would never be able to transcend life. The record of hell.

I still warn people now that they must have kind thoughts, always have kind hearts, and have a sense of awe, and they must not act arbitrarily. The heavens are clear and the heavens are clear, and people are watching the heavens. “Good and evil will have retribution, and the way of heaven is reincarnation. If you don’t believe it, look up and see who is spared by the heavens. Here is the overview of the eighteen layers of hell. Are you scared?

Where do people go after death?

A sage who has gotten rid of troubles will not be reborn after death, unless he wants to practice the bodhisattva path and can “come again with aspirations” in this world to save sentient beings. Of course, this state is very comfortable.

In addition, some people use the method of reciting the Buddha to adjust their worries, and relying on the aspirations of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and their own power of thought, they can go to the pure land of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, accept the teachings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and achieve wisdom and get out of the sea of ​​suffering.

In addition to the above two kinds of people, they will definitely be reincarnated when they die. The place of rebirth is always inseparable from the heavens, the world, the path of asuras, the path of animals, the path of hungry ghosts, and the hell. This is the “six ways of reincarnation.”

From the body temperature of every part of a person’s body after death, it is possible to measure where he has been. If when a person dies, it starts to be cold from the feet to the top of the head, and finally only the top of the head is warm and the other places are cold, you can know that he has become a saint.

If when a person dies, it starts to be cold from the feet, to the eyes, and finally only the eyes are warm, and the other places are cold, you can know that he has ascended to heaven.

If when a person dies, he starts to be cold from his feet, until his heart is cold. In the end, only his heart is warm, and the other places are cold, you can know that his next generation is still a human being.

If when a person dies, it starts to cool down from above, until the abdomen is cold, and finally only the abdomen is warm, and the other places are cold, you can know that he is going to be a hungry ghost.

If when a person dies, it starts to cool down from above, until the knees, and only the knees are warm and the other places are cold, you can know that he is going to be a beast.

If when a person dies, it starts to cool down from above and continues to the feet, and in the end only the soles of the feet are warm and the other places are cold, then he has gone to hell to suffer.

In order to facilitate memorization, there is a verse in the scriptures (large Collection) , which can help us:

The sacred eye gives birth to the sky. The heart of the sky is hungry and the ghost is the belly, the knees are off the side, and the feet of hell come out.

What we should pay special attention to is that the above test method is for your reference only. Don’t touch the body temperature of the dead casually, so as not to make the deceased feel hatred and disgust, because once there are hatred and disgust at the deathbed Heart, I am afraid that he will be born in three bad places: hell, hungry ghosts or animals.

It is said that after death, bad people will go to hell, and good people will go to heaven. Don’t touch the body temperature of the dead casually, so as not to make the deceased feel hatred and disgust, because once there are hatred and disgust at the deathbed Heart, I am afraid that he will be born in three bad places: The editor below will take you into the eighteen layers of hell. I believe that you will be different after the baptism of hell. Feel! There are pictures and the truth, reveal the unknown truth of the eighteenth hell!

Detailed illustration of the eighteen layers of hell

The first level, the hell of tongue-out

All the people in the world sow discord, slander people, slick their tongues, argue with each other, lie and deceive others. After he had died, he was thrown into tongue-pulling hell. The kid broke the mouth of the person, clamped his tongue with iron tongs, and pulled it out alive, not at once, but elongated and pulled slowly… and then he went into the hell of scissors, the hell of iron trees.

The second level, Scissor Hell

In the sun, if a woman’s husband dies early, she will be a widow. If you instigate her to remarry or build a bridge for her, then you will be thrown into the Hell of Scissors and cut after you die. Your ten fingers!

The third level, the iron tree hell

Anyone who is separated from the flesh and blood while alive, instigates the discord between father and son, brothers, sisters, and husband and wife, enters the iron tree hell after death. There are sharp blades on the trees, and he picks under the skin from his back and hangs on the iron tree.

The fourth level, the hell of the evil mirror

If you commit a crime in the Yang world, if you don’t confess the truth, or go through the door, you can go up and down and cross the sea, even if you escape punishment, there will be a day of death in your life, right? Report to the underworld, enter the hell of the evil mirror, and show the guilt based on this mirror. Then they went to different hells to suffer.

The fifth floor, the hell of the steamer

There are people who tend to be short-lived on weekdays, who use false information, frame up, and slander others. It is the woman with long tongue that people often say. After such a person died, they were thrown into the hell of the steamer and steamed in the steamer. Not only that, but after the steaming, the cold wind blows, reshaping the human body and bringing it into the hell of tongue-out.

The sixth floor, the copper pillar hell

malicious arson or destruction of evidence, revenge, arson and kill the person, after death into the copper pillar hell. The little ghosts strip your clothes naked and let you embrace a copper cylinder with a diameter of one meter and a height of two meters. Burning charcoal fire in the tube, fans kept blowing, and soon the copper pillar tube turned red…Have you seen the “Feng Shen Bang”? Su Daji’s cannonball, you must be excited by this.

The seventh floor, the hell of the sword mountain

blasphemy, it’s okay if you don’t believe it, but you can’t blaspheme him; killer, don’t mention killing, just say that you killed cows, horses, cats, and dogs before you were alive, because they are also life. Perhaps their previous lives were also humans or perhaps yours…, because Yin Si is different from Yang Jian, where there is no distinction between high and low. Cows, horses, cats, dogs, and people are collectively referred to as beings.

The eighth level, the iceberg hell

Any wicked woman who murders her husband, commits adultery, or has a malicious abortion will be thrown into the iceberg hell after death. Make him take off his clothes and go naked on the iceberg. There are also gambling adults who do not respect their parents, and unjust people make them naked on the iceberg. Pan Jinlian is here!

The ninth floor, the hell of oil pot

Prostitution and whoring, robbery by thieves, bullying and bullying, abducting women and children, false accusations and slander of others, conspiracy of other people’s property, wives, go into hell of oil pot after death, stripped of clothes and thrown into the heat The pan was blown up, popping, popping! According to the seriousness of the plot, it was sentenced to blow up N times…Sometimes a person with serious sins just came out of the iceberg hell and was escorted to the pan hell to be warm and warm by the kid.

The tenth floor, Niukeng Hell

 This is a hell for redressing the grievances of animals. Everyone in the world kills animals at will, and builds your happiness on their pain. So good, after death, into the hell of the cow pit. Throwing into the pit, several bison attacked, horns topped, and hooves stepped on… According to other records, there was another one named “Sword Boat Hell”, which was not among the 18 hells.

The eleventh floor, the hell of rock pressure

If a living person gives birth to a baby, no matter what the reason is, such as the baby is born stupid, disabled; or because of patriarchy and other reasons, the baby is drowned and abandoned. After death, such people are thrown into the hell of stone. It is a large square stone pool (trough). A boulder of the same size is hung with a rope. People are placed in the pool and the rope is cut with an axe…

The twelfth floor, the hell of pounding 

This hell is quite strange, that is, when a person is alive, if you waste food and spoil the grain, for example, dump the leftover banquet at will, or you don’t like to eat. Throw away your food after two bites. After death, he will be thrown into the hell of the mortar and put into the mortar to be killed.

The thirteenth floor, the hell of the blood pool

Anyone who does not respect others, does not respect their parents, is not upright, and is a crooked way, will be plunged into the hell of the blood pool after death. Suffer in the blood pool. I don’t quite understand why people who have dystocia, vomiting blood, or bleed to death (see red to die) are also thrown into the blood pool and suffer after death?

The fourteenth floor, hell in vain

You know, it is not easy to come into this world as a human body. It is the opportunity that Lord Yan gives you. If you don’t cherish it, commit suicide, such as cutting your veins to death, taking poison to death, hanging, etc., to anger Lord Yan, and go to death jail after death. Don’t think about being human anymore. I advise people alive to live stubbornly despite the great difficulties they encounter. Suicide is a sign of cowardice.

The fifteenth floor, the hell of torture

It is rare now, but the crime is very serious. That is, the person who digs a tomb will be thrown into the hell of punishment after death, where he will be punished 

The sixteenth floor, the volcanic hell

This is a relatively extensive layer, which harms public and private, pays bribes, steals dogs, robs money, and sets fire to people who die into volcanic hell. Was driven into the volcano and burned alive without dying. There are also monks and Taoists who have violated the precepts. Was also driven into the volcano. 

The seventeenth floor, stone hell

trampling grains, thieves, corrupt officials, and oppressors will be thrown into stone hell after death. Grind into meat sauce. After reshaping the human body and grinding again! There are also monks who eat meat, and Taoist priests do the same.

The eighteenth floor, the hell of swords and saws

cut corners, deceive others, abduct women and children, and those who trade unfairly will be sent to the hell of swords and saws after death. Take off the clothes of the visitor and tie them on the four wooden stakes in a “big” shape, starting from the crotch to the head, and then cut them with a saw.

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