Top and most important tips for skin

How can I make my skin better? I believe this is something that many girls and even boys dream of. But there are many people who see their rough skin and think there is no cure.

Is it really so? In fact, everyone is born the same, you look at the newborn, which one has bad skin? Why the skin quality will be so different in the later stage, part of it is the influence of genetic factors, and more of it is related to the acquired diet and work and rest! In other words, if the skin quality is not good, most of them are acquired problems! Therefore, if the skin is not good, you can make it better by conditioning! Persistence is worth it!

Some people just put water on their face and wipe it off and it’s sloppy, that’s why your skin is not good! Look at the beautiful and handsome guys around you, they must be very careful when they wash their faces and are very particular about it! It should be washed 2-3 times a day with a cleanser, and warm water at 40-45 degrees is the best! But it doesn’t mean that the more times you wash your face, the better. Remember the words of our ancestors!

After washing your face, you need to do a good job of moisturizing immediately! If it is oily skin, but also need to control oil and moisturizing go hand in hand! In this way, the barrier function of the skin can be better protected. If you always feel that your skin is dry, you need to use moisturizing products frequently, otherwise the skin will lose too much moisture and the skin will be drier overall!

Many people’s faces were ruined by squeezing pimples with their hands when they were young! The lesson of blood! After popping pimples, it is easy to cause local infection, leaving the face with pits, or pigmentation. In particular, be careful not to squeeze the acne in one part, it will kill you when it is serious! That’s the acne in the danger triangle! After extrusion, it is easy to cause retrograde infection, and it will cause severe intracranial venous sinus inflammation! fatal.

1. Skin care products regardless of age

For adult skin care products, it is not necessary to buy them according to their age. The key to choosing skin care products is to look at skin quality and ingredients.

No matter whether you are 20 or 50 years old, the basic structure of your skin is the same. If you want to moisturize, you can buy moisturizing products. If you want to whiten, you can use whitening products.

2. Skin care products are gender-neutral

You can use it as long as it suits your skin type – of course, you can choose the affordable one for products with the same function.

3. Wear sunscreen all year round

UV rays can kill skin cells, causing skin aging, darkening and damage.

Therefore, take good sun protection measures, not only to prevent tanning, but more importantly, to make your skin age slower.

4. Wear sunscreen even on snowy days

The ultraviolet rays in winter seem to be weak, but once snowflakes accumulate, the white world is reflected everywhere, and the “power” of ultraviolet rays is “greatly enhanced”.

5. The mask only has the function of hydrating

There are thousands of masks, all of which are useful for moisturizing.

By soaking the stratum corneum and forming a sealing film, the mask can make the skin look supple and translucent, and even have the illusion of whitening.

Occasionally apply a mask, it’s okay to save an emergency, as for other effects, don’t expect too much.

6. The mask should not be applied every day

Recommended once a week, 2 to 3 times a week is completely sufficient.

Too much use can lead to “over-hydration of the skin”, resulting in stratum corneum damage, skin thinning, and impaired barrier function.

7. A barrier cream is not a barrier

The actual effect of isolation is only equivalent to low-power sunscreen, and with isolation, sunscreen is still essential.

So, whether to apply or not to apply it in isolation, it depends on your mood.

8. Don’t “deep clean” at every turn

Your face is not so dirty, you don’t need to “power decontamination” at every turn, and using various “deep cleaning” products too frequently will damage the skin barrier and even make you vulnerable “sensitive skin”.

9. There is no need to “exfoliate” frequently

Although the stratum corneum is a layer of “dead skin”, it is also an important guard for the skin. Healthy skin itself has a replacement cycle, and the aging stratum corneum will fall off naturally.

Just remember to wash your face, exfoliating is not necessary.

10. Wash your face alternately with hot and cold water, you cannot shrink pores

Theoretically, after the cold compress, with the cold shrinkage of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, the pores are indeed reduced in a short period of time.

But in the end, the pores will revert, and it’s all in vain.

Unless one day humans invent “artificial pores”, they will expand with heat and shrink with cold.

11. Wash your face towel frequently

The towel sucks the water from your face, and after a long time, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, etc. all gather together. So, be diligent, wash and dry more.

12. Toner does not need to be wiped with a cotton pad

Wiping the toner with a cotton pad not only does not have the so-called secondary cleaning effect, but it will damage the normal stratum corneum due to repeated friction.

13. Do not tap or massage when applying skin care products

When smearing skin care products, although slapping the face or massaging can bring pleasure, but it does not help absorption, but accelerates the evaporation of skin care products…

For sensitive skin, the dilated blood vessels are further irritated when tapped and rubbed, increasing the chance of allergies.

14. Eat less sweets and dairy products when you have acne

Current research has found that both sweets and dairy products, including whole and skim milk, can exacerbate acne.

Boys and girls who love acne, you can eat less during acne breakouts.

15. Don’t pop pimples

Pulling, squeezing and other actions can easily cause local infection and leave acne marks.

Casually squeezing the acne in the “dangerous triangle” around the nose and mouth may also cause intracranial infection, which is very dangerous.

16. Preservatives are not terrible, but they are terrible

Regular and qualified skin care products need to be added with preservatives within a safe dosage range to ensure safety.

As for those without preservatives, you should be more careful, because you don’t know what strange things are added to it to preserve…

17. Natural does not equal safe

Homemade natural products may contain light-sensitive substances, which can easily cause adverse reactions and cause skin darkening or allergies.

Secondly, there are many uncontrollable impurities and pathogenic bacteria in it, and the skin is not a digestive organ, so it cannot eat so many pure natural and pollution-free foods.

18. There are no “quick whitening” products

Under the condition that the ingredients are safe and legal, no external whitening and freckle removal products can achieve “quick effects”.

The so-called “quick-acting” products are often added with glucocorticoids or mercury, which can be harmful.

19. Collagen doesn’t get into your face

Collagen is a “large molecule” structure, and the channels in human skin are very small.

Therefore, it is basically impossible for the collagen applied to the face to be absorbed by the epidermis.

20. The skin does not need detoxification

But those who instigate you to “detox” need to be eliminated from your friend list immediately.

The so-called “detoxification” products are either pure fudge or contain a lot of hormones. If you go on “drastic medicine” blindly, you will lose a lot if your face is rotten.

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