These are the countries that will be safe in case of third world war

It is impossible to predict when the third world war will come. They thought that the third world war would start with the war between Russia and Ukraine. It has cooled down now.

As terrorism is also increasing tremendously, there are situations where some big countries join forces and go to war on some countries to put an iron foot on terrorism. Also due to depletion of natural resources superpowers may go to war to gain dominance over smaller countries. World War III is likely to start anytime soon. If the third world war comes, all the major countries of the world will be affected. The people there are bound to suffer. But some countries are in safe places. These countries are less likely to be affected by World War III due to their geographically abundant resources. Now let’s see those countries.


Fiji is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The population here is very low. It is a peaceful country. Fiji is thriving with dense forests, rich minerals and abundant fish. Even in times of crisis like World War III, Fiji is unlikely to suffer any damage.


Iceland always tops the global peace index. It has more fresh water reserves. It does not depend on other countries for resources. It is a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. It has nothing to do with wars.


Greenland is a beautiful little country. It is a self-governing country. Denmark, Greenland is far away from any war situation in Europe. It is a country that is very careful not to make any political comments. It is safe to live in due to its high mountainous terrain. Even if other countries are fighting wars, there is less chance of those bombs falling on Greenland.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a stable democracy. Wars are very few in its history. Even a developed country. It has fertile soil and clean water. Own food production is also high in this country. Safe amidst mountainous terrain. There are no countries that can invade it.


Bhutan is a unique country with Himalayas. It is far from all countries. It also does not bring diplomatic implications. The number of people who invaded Bhutan is very few in history. It is surviving on its own resources. There are no countries that went to war with Bhutan.


Switzerland has beautiful mountains. This beautiful mountain country is very safe. It has many bunkers. There are also mountains around. So they have their own system to protect people even if neighboring countries go to war.


Indonesia usually does not react much to world political issues. With his neutral attitude. It gives priority to act independently in international affairs of the country. Works for world peace. Also it is in the middle of the sea. So no countries will go for it. Otherwise, Indonesia is prone to tsunamis and earthquakes.


Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries. Tuvalu is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. It is a secluded country. It is a country that lives happily with a small population and very few resources. Living regardless of world wars. Here people take care of their own food and needs. Not dependent on imports from other countries. So even if there is a third world war, there will be no relation between Tuva. Here people live normally.

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