Should you eat chicken? Does your blood group decide whether to eat mutton?

If it comes to Sunday, some people can’t get a lump. Many people like to eat chicken. They eat not only one curry with chicken but also varieties.

But it is said that chicken should not be eaten for the same purpose. But it is not our mind that decides what we should eat, whether it is chicken or mutton.
Our blood group says.. This may sound surprising to you.

Everyone can know what kind of food to eat according to their blood group. Let’s see here what food should be taken by the blood group.

A blood group.

People with this blood group are very sensitive. They also have low immunity. Digestive activity is low.

Therefore, they should pay more attention to the food they eat. Such people should eat good food. Eat less chicken and mutton. They have difficulty digesting meat.
Fish is easily digestible for them.

B blood group.

This blood group is very energetic. They also have high immunity. Regardless of the food you eat, chicken and mutton are easily digested.

That is why it is good to have non-vegetable vegetables along with vegetables in the diet. But it is very important to eat fruits and fish along with raw vegetables.

AB, O blood groups.

People with this blood group should eat a balanced diet. There are no special restrictions. But think while eating chicken and mutton.

Vegetables and seafood can be eaten. But some have more digestive problems.

Eating anything can cause stomach problems. It takes time to digest. Such people should consult a doctor.

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