Most dangerous jungles(Forests) on the planet

The jungle is the most demanding and hardest ecosystem for human beings to survive. That is known. But since we like to quantify so much, we took on the task of looking for the most dangerous jungles on the planet.

This list is made with care and knowledge. See for yourself why you have this order.

The Amazon Rainforest

In the Amazon jungle you find everything that any jungle has, but multiplied by 10. Poisonous insects, jaguars, snakes with deadly poisons and even dangerous and hostile indigenous tribes capable of killing those who approach the area.

However, it has become a tourist spot and enjoys a lot of attention from the Government of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and others.

The Australian Jungle

Australia ‘s rainforest takes the crown for being “the rainforest with the world’s deadliest poisonous insects and snakes.” Besides, you will also find wild cats, monkeys, among other species. It is a place with a lot of security imposed by the Government so that tourists get a good impression.

The Jungle of Papua New Guinea

It is the third densest jungle in the world. In it are poisonous insects, leeches and snakes of gigantic sizes. It has rivers with animals and fish such as giant catfish, crocodiles, anacondas, boas, etc.

Poachers and paramilitary groups commonly lurk in this jungle with whom we can be in danger, because they are areas of combat between militias.

The Jungles of Africa

They rank fourth for being forests with the highest population of wild animals in the world. Huge cats, elephants, mammals, hyenas and poisonous snakes live in it.

The Darien Jungle

Its danger lies in how incredibly dense it is. What goes in rarely comes out alive. There is a large number of insects, many of them unknown to man.

It is an area of ​​confrontation between the Panamanian border police, the guerrillas and Colombian cartels.

They consider it a danger zone due to drug trafficking and due to regular combats with the FARC of Colombia 

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