How can I increase my bike mileage?

Riding a bike is an art. We often hear many people expressing concern that their motorbike is not giving mileage even if it is new.

But bike experts say that doing some mistakes while riding the bike will reduce the mileage. You have to pay attention to these things while riding a bike.

Not changing gears at the right speed

While riding the bike it is very important to change the gear according to the speed of the bike. If you ride the bike at high speed on the main road (major roads, highways), if you want to keep the speed constant, you should ride the bike in a higher gear.

This does not put too much pressure on the engine. The bike gives good mileage. Also, if you have to ride at low speed, you should ride the bike in second, not third gear. By doing this the bike will not stop at low speed and petrol will be saved due to continuous power supply to the bike.

Always keep your foot on the brake while riding

Many people keep their foot on the brake while riding a bike. Driving with your foot on the brake is not a bad habit. It is likely to brake immediately.
But if you always put pressure on the brakes, the bike will not move forward freely as the brake is applied. By doing this, more accelerator is given to drive the bike.
The bike consumes more petrol.

Low air in the tire

Under-inflated tires also reduce bike mileage. Always check the tire for insufficient air for better mileage.
Now all the petrol pumps have the facility of Air Prisoner Machine. So if you ride your bike following these precautions, your cart engine will get safe mileage.

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