Elon Musk shocking decision expressed on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, says the shocking thing. No one tweeted in an unexpected way. Musk, who has been selling Tesla shares in a row recently, has become a sensation on social media. Did Musk say that seriously .. to know the opinion of the followers .. otherwise there is a debate going on whether there is any other motive?

What did Musk tweet ..Elon Musk, CEO of aerospace company SpaceX and electric vehicle maker Tesla, has tweeted that he plans to step down. Stated that he wanted to be a full-fledged influencer. Elon Musk has a good craze on social media. Whatever he posts on it makes a lot of impacts. Whatever he says about cryptocurrency or any new technology, millions of people will follow what he says. Musk has 6.58 crore followers on Twitter alone. He is influencing so many people (Influence). At the moment, Musk tweeted, “I plan to resign my job to become a full-time influencer.” And did he say this seriously? It became interesting to know the opinion of the followers.

Musk asked followers last month for advice on whether to sell 10 percent of his stake in Tesla. It has sold $ 12 billion worth of shares since then.

In January this year, he spoke “I think it would be nice to have some free time. Now there is intense work from waking up in the morning seven days a week until going to sleep at night. It would be nice if it was different, ”Musk said at the time. Recently there was a big fuss on social media about Elon Musk’s haircut. When Musk said that he had cut his own hair, many people trolled him. Punches were made on that hairstyle.

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