choosing the right “action cam”

The action cam, or all-terrain camera, this ultra-compact camera used by athletes, has become everyone’s ally to film their exploits of the day. Since the arrival of GoPro cameras on the market, many have started to offer videos of their adventures filmed through cameras of this type. So how do you choose it well when you have decided to get into action films?

What criteria for your action cam?

Although GoPro is today the best-known brand of digital mini-camera, other brands have released equivalent models adapted to individual uses. In this booming market, here are the criteria you should consider when choosing your ultra-compact camera.

Action camera with screen or without screen?

Despite their ultra-compact format, the screen remains a feature to take into account when making your purchase. Indeed, although the screen adds weight to the product, it allows direct viewing of the films shot and framing. Athletes who place their camera on their helmet or at the end of a pole have nothing to do with this attribute. Artists will certainly prefer the screen version, especially since weight is not their main criterion.

Video resolution: Full HD or Ultra HD / 4K

Most on-board digital cameras film in Full HD. But in recent years 4K models have appeared. The resolution of a camera will give the quality of your video. You can change your camera settings depending on the end use of the video. For viewing on a large screen, prefer 4K, but beware this format is often heavier and consumes a lot of battery.

Autonomy and battery

In connection with the previous point, this selection criterion cannot be neglected. Indeed, you will need to favor a product with good autonomy to be able to film for a long time without interruption. Be careful, the batteries of all devices run out over time, so remember to choose a known brand to be able to buy a battery if necessary.

Image stabilization

Today, some models have stabilization systems that make it possible to obtain a quality image and a rendering worthy of stabilization via a mechanical support. It is therefore necessary to take this criterion into account when making your choice. Be careful, stabilization is a criterion that has a strong impact on the price of your camera.

What essentials for your on-board camera?

All the interest of an action cam is sometimes played out in its side effects. Indeed, apart from product performance, you will have to look at the possibilities of “improving” your sports camera: storage, accessories…

Like most digital products, dash cams work with SD, SDHC (High Capacity) or SDXC (Xtreme Capacity) card storage. The more your use is pushed, the more you must choose a powerful SD card. The criteria to take into account: duration of your videos, chosen resolution, number of images per second. For a 4K camera, with 60 frames per second, you will get about 2 hours of recording on your 64GB SDXC card.

Finally, with regard to the accessories themselves, some brands like GoPro offer many accessories for your camera. Some will seem quite gimmicky to you, others much more useful. Remember to check that the chosen camera is compatible with the accessories you want to buy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Now that you know everything about off-road dash cams, all you have to do is choose the model that suits you and order it from Santa. One last piece of advice when making your choice: bet on recognized products and brands. Admittedly, these are often more expensive, but they are also the assurance of proper operation and possible repair if necessary.

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