Are cell towers harmful to humans?

The cell phone system has brought revolutionary changes in the field of information.
While the population of the country is around 120 crore, it seems that around 80 crore cell phone numbers are in circulation in our country.

It has been able to bring all the modern electronic technologies like 2G, 3G, 4G not only verbally but also visually.
Different cell phone companies are working on a method of electronic modulation that uses electromagnetic waves as carriers.

Even though there are so many crores of phones, the technical feature of the cell phone system is that you can immediately talk to the person you want to talk to by pressing the correct cell number. Cell phones use microwaves.

Microwaves of about 800 kilohertz to about 3 gigahertz are transmitted from cell phone to cell phone through cell phone towers.

Towers are very important in a cellphone system. According to the statement released by the World Health Organization, cell phone towers do not pose any harm to nearby people or birds.

But if you keep the cell phone close to your cheek and talk, the micro waves will heat up the head and cause health problems.

It is natural to generate heat if any electronic device is used for the same purpose.
Cell phones are no exception to this.

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