Who is Tulsidas?

Tulsidas was a 16th-century Indian poet and saint who is best known for his epic devotional poem “Ramcharitmanas,” which recounts the story of Lord Rama, a Hindu deity. Tulsidas was born in the city of Rajapur, in present-day Uttar Pradesh, India, in 1532. He spent much of his life in the city of Varanasi, where he wrote his famous poem and became a renowned spiritual figure.

Tulsidas is considered one of the greatest poets in the Hindi language and is revered by millions of people in India and around the world. His works, including the Ramcharitmanas and the Hanuman Chalisa, continue to be widely read and recited by Hindus today. Tulsidas’s devotion to Lord Rama and his teachings of love, compassion, and devotion continue to inspire people of all faiths.

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