What is the curse of Bali or Vali in Ramayana?

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, the curse of Bali or Vali is a significant event that leads to the death of Vali, the monkey king.

Vali was the king of the Kishkindha kingdom and possessed immense strength and valor. His younger brother Sugriva was also a powerful monkey and a close ally of Lord Rama.

Once, Vali had a misunderstanding with Sugriva and banished him from the kingdom. Sugriva took shelter in a cave and waited for an opportunity to seek revenge.

Later, Lord Rama arrived in the forest during his exile and met Sugriva. Sugriva agreed to help Rama find his wife Sita in exchange for Rama’s help in defeating Vali and regaining his kingdom.

When Vali learned about Sugriva’s alliance with Rama, he became furious and decided to confront Sugriva. Rama and Vali engaged in a fierce battle, during which Vali used his powers to hide behind a tree. However, Rama shot an arrow and killed Vali.

Before dying, Vali cursed Rama that he would suffer the same pain of separation from his beloved wife Sita as Vali had suffered due to his separation from his wife. This curse came true when Sita was abducted by Ravana, and Rama had to go through great pain and hardship to rescue her.

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