Top 10: most powerful countries in the world

To determine which are the most powerful countries in the world, it is necessary to take into account mainly military power, size of the economy, economic development and quality of life, population size, political and military alliances, soft power or cultural influence and influence in generally over other countries.

The most powerful countries frequently appear in the mainstream media, influence global economic prospects, lead scientific research, or are immersed in conflicts of their own or those of other countries.

For better or worse, the foreign and economic policies of these leading countries have important effects on the rest of the world. The following is a list of the most powerful countries on the world stage.

1. United States

Economy size: $18.6 trillion (GDP)
Population: 323 million
Per Capita Income: $57,608
Army size: 1,347,300 active personnel

The United States is arguably the most powerful country in the world. The country has the largest economy and military power, it is also one of the largest countries in the world. Its influence is direct in many countries through military interventions, alliances and agreements and commercial aid.

Your government policies and economic crises affect markets around the world and can easily cause global economic crises like in 2001 and 2009.

Also, their soft power or cultural influence is predominant. The country has 9 of the 10 most valuable brands in the world, its movies and series are well known, its news events are reported all over the world, its companies dominate various world markets, it leads the technological development of many industries, etc.

2. Russia

Economy size: $1.3 trillion (GDP)
Population: 144 million
Per Capita Income: $26,926
Army size: 831,000 active personnel

It is the largest country in the world with great influence in Asia and Eastern Europe. Russia spends 5% of its GDP on military spending and has a large army that once rivaled that of the United States.

Russia has spies in many parts of the world and has the ability to influence democratic elections in other countries. It does not have many allies, but together with China they are the only significant counterweight to the United States.


Economy size: $11.2 trillion (GDP)
Population: 1.4 billion
Per Capita Income: $15,395
Army size: 2,183,000 active personnel

China is the most populous country in the world and also has the largest army in the world, based on the number of active personnel.

The country has had spectacular economic growth in recent years. Its products are known all over the world and now also its big brands. In addition, it leads scientific research in many areas and investment in new technologies such as renewable energy sources.

China is rapidly gaining power and establishing itself as the great leader of Asia. It seeks to expand through alliances and tests of power as in the dispute over the South China Sea.

4. Germany

Economy size: $3.5 trillion (GDP)
Population: 82.7 million
Per Capita Income: $48,449
Army size: 176,800 active personnel

It is the fourth largest economy and the third largest exporter in the world. He is the leader of the European Union with great influence on the decisions that the union makes.

His literature, philosophy, discoveries, arts, and medical and technological advances are recognized throughout the world.

The country also has great brands that support the famous German quality. Some of these are: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, Adidas, Audi, Allianz, Porsche, Bayer, Bosch and Nivea.

5. United Kingdom

Economy size: $2.6 trillion (GDP)
Population: 65.6 million
Per Capita Income: $42,421
Army size: 81,500 active personnel

The United Kingdom is a developed country with great economic, political and cultural influence throughout the world.

The great influence of the nation has its origins in the British Empire, which until the beginning of the 20th century was the greatest power in the world. his influence

The country wields great cultural influence with its music, literature and scientific discoveries, technological advances, and language (English is the official language of 67 countries).

6. France

Economy size: $2.5 trillion (GDP)
Population: 66.9 million
Per Capita Income: $42,336
Army size: 202,950 active personnel

France is the third largest economy in Europe and one of the richest in the world. The country has a rich cultural heritage and a history full of scientific and social advances.

The past and current influence of the country is difficult to measure. It is currently very influential in many parts of the world and has powerful allies in the United States and Europe.

7. Japan

Economy size: $4.9 trillion (GDP)
Population: 127 million
Per Capita Income: $41,220
Army size: 247,150 active personnel

Japan is currently the third largest economy in the world thanks to its miraculous economic growth after World War II. It has important allies in the West and is part of many world organizations where it is very influential.

Many of its brands and products, especially technological ones, are appreciated all over the world. Also its audiovisual productions, arts and literature.

8. Israel

Economy size: $0.3 trillion (GDP)Population: 8.5 millionPer Capita Income: $35,220Army size: 176,500 active personnel
Although it is a small country, it has great military and political influence in the Middle East region and has been active in major global affairs. 
Its economy and military power are highly developed, especially compared to its neighbors. 

9. Saudi Arabia

Economy size: $0.64 trillion (GDP)Population: 32.3 millionPer Capita Income: $55,331Army size: 227,000 active personnel
It is the largest country in the Middle East and the world’s largest oil exporter. In addition, as a member of OPEC, it has great influence on the world economy.

10. United Arab Emirates

Economy size: $0.34 trillion (GDP)Population: 9.3 millionPer Capita Income: $68,092Army size: 100,000 active personnel
It is the most competitive economy in the Middle East with large oil reserves, but also with developments in large cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 
Similar to Saudi Arabia it can greatly influence the world economy using its oil.

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