Putting toothbrushes in the toilet room but very dangerous!

Toothbrush Without it, we can’t start work. It is also one of the things that we use every day. Medical experts say that it is better to brush at least twice a day. Brushing in the morning and at night makes the teeth strong and strong. Also the teeth are white. So always keep the brush carefully. Make sure that dust and dirt do not fall.

But some people keep toothbrushes in bathrooms. Experts say this is not a good practice. Putting the toothbrush in the toilet can lead to many problems. Let’s find out now. Placing the toothbrush in the toilet increases the risk of germs. Because the environment in the bathroom is humid. This causes more pathogens to circulate.

All these are also likely to cause infectious diseases. Apart from that, keeping the brush in the bathroom has the possibility of collecting excreta residues that are not visible to the eye. Germs are picked up by droplets of water from flushing.

By keeping a brush in the toilet, germs that are not even visible to the eye get into the brush. These enter the body without our knowledge and become factors that cause diseases. It is better to keep the brush away from the bathroom as much as possible. If placed in an area exposed to some air and sun, the germs will be killed by the heat of the sun. If it is not possible to put it in the bathroom, it is better to use brush cases. This prevents the spread of germs. Also it is very good if you dip the toothbrushes in hot water from time to time.

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