Lipstick Facts

Lipstick is perhaps the most popular cosmetics in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tons of this cosmetics are produced on Earth, of various shades, sometimes even with different smells. In fact, people began to paint their lips a long time ago, but in the modern world, the popularity of such makeup has increased to some incredible proportions.

Interesting Lipstick Facts

On average, a woman who paints her lips at least 5 days a week eats about 4.5 kg of this cosmetic product in her life.

A good lipstick should contain components such as pink, carnauba and beeswax. It should also include almond butter, shea butter and cocoa.

The most expensive lipstick in the world costs 62 thousand dollars. Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick is crafted in 18k gold and set with 199 2.2 carat diamonds and rubies.

In ancient Greece, only representatives of the most ancient profession used lipstick. So they could be distinguished from decent ladies.

Lipstick with artificial ingredients is not difficult to calculate. If, after using it, the lips become dry and begin to crack, this is most likely a bad lipstick.

There is an opinion that if you use bright lipstick, your own lip pigment fades over time. This is not so, but frequent and prolonged use of such lipstick can lead to the fact that the lips can change their natural shade – blood circulation is simply disturbed in their tissues, which leads to lip blanching.

Lipstick is considered organic if it contains at least 85% natural ingredients.

Lipstick for Cleopatra was made from beetles, from which the natural dye carmine was obtained. To obtain 400-500 grams of carmine, the Egyptians, as scientists calculated, needed about 70 thousand beetles of a special kind.

In 1880, Guerlain introduced the first commercially successful lipstick. The novelty consisted of grapefruit mixed with several types of oil and wax.

In ancient Egypt, lips were painted not only by women, but also by noble men. The most popular shades were purple, blue-black and orange. Highlighting lips, people thereby emphasized their social status.

The first samples of lipstick often contained toxic substances, such as lead and vermilion – mercury sulfide.

One of the ardent admirers of red lipstick was Elizabeth Taylor. Her love for this beauty product truly knew no bounds. Taylor is said to have gone so far as to demand that the directors be the only actress in the frame with painted lips.

There is such an interesting phenomenon in the social sciences as the “lipstick effect”.
It is expressed in the fact that even in the most difficult economic times, when crises rage, demand and industrial production fall, sales of cosmetics and, in particular, lipsticks, increase significantly.

This is especially true of red lipsticks: after all, as you know, they are able to create a festive, solemn mood in a very special way, which is so necessary in difficult times.

George Washington, the first president of the United States, wore lipstick to make himself look better when he spoke in public.

In 1770, the British Parliament passed a law banning lip-painting, which stated that “women may be found guilty of seducing married men with cosmetics.” The law was later repealed.

The shelf life of lipstick before use is usually about 1.5-2 years, and after opening the package – no more than 5-6 months.

In the Middle Ages, lipstick was under the strictest ban. Violators had every chance to get acquainted with the Inquisition on charges of witchcraft.

The fashion for lipstick came to the masses thanks to the cinema. Screen stars began to actively use this product even when the cinema was black and white, and lipstick was one of the few ways to stand out in the frame, to make the image more vivid.

Despite the fact that red lipstick is considered an eternal classic, it is far from being the best-selling lip product. A real bestseller in all countries – a colorless moisturizing balm.

During the Second World War, in order to save resources, the UK banned the production of all cosmetics except lipstick (see interesting facts about Great Britain ).

The courtiers of the French king Louis XVI used lipstick, and only men. So they tried to highlight the lips, which were hidden by thick facial hair.

With the help of this cosmetic product, lips can be visually both enlarged and reduced.
Studies have shown that women who wear red lipstick hold the attention of men almost three times longer than women who do not wear lipstick.

When Elizabeth II was preparing for her coronation in 1952, she ordered a custom shade of lipstick that would perfectly match her dress.

A huge amount of lipstick is sold daily. If you draw a line for it, its length will be 20 thousand kilometers, which is comparable to half the length of the earth’s equator.

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