First job: how to organize your research?

Finding a first job is a big project. This task requires the same dedication as a job: it is a time consuming step. One can quickly fall into procrastination, negativity or impatience. So, how do you organize your search for your first job?

Tip 1: use a calendar 

A planner is a tool that can help prioritize tasks and give them importance. In the job search, it is necessary to prioritize certain applications which are more interesting for you, or which will take you longer to create. The idea of ​​an agenda is also to put your daily tasks in writing, in the form of a “to-do list”. If it’s written, there are no more excuses!

Sometimes we invest time and energy in possibilities that do not correspond at all to our profile. You have to know how to prioritize and send three or 4 CVs to companies where we have more possibilities.

Tip 2: give value to time

The job search can take a long time, some up to several months. However, it has been shown that keeping an intellectual activity helps to stay active and motivated in your research. Otherwise, we can easily fall into procrastination or demotivation.

Thus, when you are not actively working, it is strongly recommended to train yourself in languages, new technologies, software. And thus enter the working world more quickly. This way you don’t waste time, you invest it.

Tip 3: make the most of your rush hour

Mental efficiency is highest between two and four hours after waking up, although this can vary slightly between individuals. If you wake up at 7 a.m., your brain’s peak performance is therefore between 9 and 11 a.m. It is important to divide your tasks so that the most difficult coincide with the hours when you have the most energy. Thus, you will be more efficient in your first job search!

Tip 4: use a timer

It has been proven that humans get tired after 40 minutes of concentrating on the same task. It is therefore advisable to use a timer, to be as productive as possible during this period. Then it is recommended to take a 10-minute break before resuming. We find this method under the name of “Pomodoro”, in reference to the Italian tomato-shaped timer.

Tip 5: create a healthy routine

When you have no reason to wake up in the morning, it’s easy to fall into a vicious cycle. Still, habits are good for humans. To maintain a healthy pace that is conducive to the search for work, you must strive to create schedules for yourself as if you were going to school or to work.

It is also essential to respect the meal times. We often snack out of anxiety and nervousness, not because we need it. Hunger can arise to fill an emotional void.

In short, finding the first job can be taxing, but it’s all about organization! If you are prepared for the task at hand, motivated, and stick to the schedule, there is no reason not to get there!


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