10 most terrifying places in the world, do you dare to visit them?

Are you one of those who enjoys a good horror story? Do you like haunted houses, abandoned towns or gloomy and sinister places? If your answer was yes to everything, then you are going to love visiting the most terrifying places in the world during this

In the world there are many destinations that are heavenly. But due to the curiosity of many travelers who want to know the most terrifying places in the world, we did a search for the most terrifying destinations in the world.

We want to test your courage and see if you really have cold blood before some terrifying places that we present to you, where mysterious events took place that would make any mortal scream in fear, do you dare to visit any?

 Island of the dolls in Mexico

One of the most terrifying places is in our country and it is the Island of the dolls. This island gives goosebumps to even the bravest in the world. If you dare to visit it, more than 1000 dolls hanging from trees will watch you during the tour.

It is a harrowing and terrifying panorama in equal parts. Legend has it that shortly after a girl drowned in the Xochimilco canals, Don Julián Santana Barrera -the person in charge of the island- found a doll floating in the water. As a sign of respect and to calm the spirit of the drowned woman, he decided to hang her from a tree. Since then and for 50 years he has been hanging dolls around the island; until he himself drowned in the same place where the girl died… terrifying!

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize

A terrifying place is to enter a dark cave. In the case of the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, in the Cayo district, the visit is even more terrifying, since you have to swim first to reach the chilling part. A few meters away, you find human skeletons scattered on the ground that are believed to have been sacrifices made by the Mayans to honor the gods of the underworld.

The best-known human remains in the cave are those of the “Crystal Maiden”, a young teenager who lies face up on the ground and her calcified bones shine brightly from the calcite that covers them. Would you dare to go to one of the most terrifying places in the world?

The Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru

The necropolises of the world inspire fear and are always strewn with gloomy legends. One of the most terrifying places in the world is the Chauchilla cemetery.

It is a desert area in the department of Ica in Peru, the visit becomes even more sinister not only because the tomb robbers have scattered part of the human remains throughout the area in their looting, but also because many tombs have been left open and the pre-inca skeletons watch you from their places for eternal rest, in a fetal position and wrapped in their mortuary cloths. Do you dare to take a walk under the watchful eye of the decrepit mummies that rest in their graves with views of the stars?

Humberstone ghost town in Chile

For many years, the inhospitable area of ​​Atacama housed a small population around a saltpeter mine in which men, women and children were exploited to death during extraction.

Today, decadent and wrapped in stories of paranormal events, Humberstone is a ghost town – declared a World Heritage Site – that very few dare to visit. If you walk through its streets you will be able to see the decline of a town that at the end of the 19th century boasted wealth and life. Some emblematic buildings such as the theater, the church or the hotel are still standing. But you have to be careful, they say that noises can be heard and the presence of the miners who died for that “white gold” can be felt. Without a doubt it is a creepy scene, only for lovers of terror, it is considered one of the most terrifying places in the world. 

The Gran Hotel Viena, a terrifying hotel in Argentina

The scariest places in the world are in mysteriously strategic corners of the world. The Gran Hotel Viena is wrapped in ghost stories and fables, this hotel near Mar Chiquita in the province of Córdoba is considered one of the sites with the most paranormal activity in all of Latin America.

It was built in the forties as a luxury hotel, it is believed that it was even a refuge for the Nazis and Adolf Hitler himself. Today it is a museum and many visitors claim to have seen apparitions such as the former head of security, women standing by the windows of the rooms or girls running through the corridors. The best of all? You can visit at night… how scary!

The haunted hotel in Salto del Tequendama in Colombia

It is said that the ghostly Hotel El Refugio del Salto, located in a rocky abyss near the Tequendama falls, was one of the favorite places for suicides to take their own lives.

The legends surrounding this hotel say that many visitors saw specters or heard bleak cries coming from inside the hotel or its surroundings…perhaps from souls in pain who do not rest in peace? Today it is a House Museum, fully restored, which you can visit and tour, as well as enjoy some “charming” exhibitions. For a true horror lover, this hotel is a must!

The terrifying Duran Sanatorium in Costa Rica

Abandoned hospitals have a disturbing halo that inevitably makes them a source of urban legends and great mysteries. This terrifying place has a long history, it was first a center founded in 1915 to treat tuberculosis patients and that was closed after the eruption of the Irazú volcano in 1973.

For a short period it was also a prison, but it was closed and abandoned. Since then, the complex has been deteriorating by leaps and bounds and the only thing that remains alive and intact is the legend of apparitions and extraordinary events, such as the fact that the center is inhabited by the souls of the patients or the nursing nuns who appear -sometimes- In the rooms.

If you dare, the caretaker will let you visit it in exchange for a few dollars, it is a terrifying place that will surely leave you with an uneasy conscience.

The jail at the end of the world in Argentina

The combination “end of the world” and “prison for the most dangerous criminals in the country” is ideal for horror tourism. It is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying places in the world, because when you enter you feel an atmosphere of fear.

This sinister prison is located in Ushuaia, Argentina, and a few years ago it was converted into a museum that allows you to tour all its cells, corridors, and rooms. Many of the cells still retain the prisoners’ uniforms, as well as other objects including photographs. But that’s not all, there are life-size sculptures of the most emblematic prisoners, such as the multiple homicide known as “the mystic” or the “short-eared”, a child murderer. An unavoidable appointment to put the adrenaline to the limit!

The ruins of Villa Epecuén in Argentina

On the shores of the Epecuén lagoon, in the province of Buenos Aires, this luxury tourist village was created in the mid-20th century. But in 1986 the entire village was covered by water after a strong flood that broke the embankment… and it was like that for two decades!

All kinds of superstitions were created around this submerged town, until one day the water evaporated completely, revealing its former splendor, now converted into a gloomy and gloomy panorama. Of its streets and buildings now only dark traces of a luxurious past remain. Many visitors have heard cries, do you dare to take a tour of this terrifying destination in the world?

The chilling Catacombs of San Francisco in Peru

Is there anything darker than catacombs? Under the chapels of the church of San Francisco in Lima, there is a network of narrow labyrinthine passageways that give access to underground sepulchral vaults where you can see skulls, tibias, fibulas and femurs dating from the 17th century.

In these crypts are the mortal remains of approximately 25,000 people related to the Franciscan order. It is an enigmatic and dark route that also takes you to a conical ossuary with a depth of 10 meters. Throughout the tour you feel a strong energy contained within those walls… do you dare to visit this underworld of specters, skulls and skeletons considered one of the most terrifying places in the world?

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